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Abdominal Wall Pain

Has anyone been diagnosed with this?  I have Lupus and much of my pain is myofascial along with the joint pain throughout my body.  I have had a lot of abdominal surgeries with the last one a year and a half ago in the area where I am having my pain.  I saw a gastro doctor since the fear was that there was an issue with my bowel.  After examining me he feels it is abdominal wall pain due to my surgery.  He said no sit ups or crunches (not that I am all that into exercise but have avoided doing any until this was solved) and that it will be a chronic pain issue.  

What kind of relief has anyone found?  Please help.
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Hi Trudie,

I am sorry to hear about your pelvic pain. I hope that at least knowing your diagnosis helps. Mollyrae has offered some good suggestions.

I have large amounts of adhesions in my pelvic cavity and abdominal wall. I also have free fluid. I find that a heating pad on my abdomen helps relieve the pain. Post-op pelvic laparoscopic surgery a few years ago a nurse brought me hot packs to lay on my abd. I thought she was just trying to appease my complaints of pain. They worked better than the pain medicine. Since than I often lay a heating pad on my abd when my pain is high in that area.

I know that sounds too simple, that's what I thought when the post-op nurse brought me the hot packs. I hope this will be helpful for you.

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Hi Trudie:

I'm so sorry that you're going though this, especially during the Holidays. I was curious as to what a person can do when this type of pain occures and this is what I found. I don't know if it will help but I thought I'd offer it to you.

Medicinal Treatments
Depending on the cause of the pain, your doctor may recommend local anesthetic, corticosteroid injections or phenol. If the pain is caused by other conditions such as a hernia or endometriosis, surgery may be needed.
Alternative Treatments
Acupuncture has been proven effective in some Abdominal Wall Pain Syndrome patients according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Physical therapy, massage therapy, warm baths and psychological counseling have also proven helpful in relieving the pain.

I hope this helps. Please try and get some rest...don't over do it. I'll be thinking about you.

All my best,

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