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Chronic Symptoms since 2006 - no good answer from docs

I have had the following symptoms (below) since around 2006 and every doctor I have seen (which hasn't been too many and mostly primary care docs) tell me they can't find anything wrong with me.  I am tired of hearing that when I know this isn't how most people feel on a daily basis.  Any help would be appreciated.

Skin – sensitive to touch certain parts of body (head, upper arms, thighs)
Joint pain (hip, ankles, knees)
Mood swings
Chronic lower back pain (painful pressure points in lower back and on butt)
Chronic tension headaches with addition of migraines (mostly behind right eye ball)
Chronic fatigue
Stuffy head (trouble concentrating and listening)
Weight gain – not motivated to work out and when I try, I am exhausted (mostly likely associated with fatigue)
Bouts of depression
Easy bruising (don’t even know how I get bruises most times)
Slow healing – minor cut can take 3+ weeks to heal
Swelling in ankles and hands
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Food allergies is a possibility - even Celiac disease.  
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Hello there,

Just wondering if these symptoms are being caused by a certain medication you may be taking. One idea might be to make a list of all
your medications and google them and see what their possible side
effects are. Good luck with this. Eve.
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I see a lot of fibromyalgia symptoms on your list. Did you ever see an endocrinologist
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