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Displaced Calcaneus

Last April 2011, I fell off the stairs and suffered a displaced calcaneus on my right ankle.  My doctor performed small incision where he put something like a nail on my fracture.  Casted for 1 month in a flex position and another month in a neutral position.  2 weeks ago he removed the pin and asked me not to put weight on my ankle and to use crutches for another 2 weeks.  When I asked him if I need to go through some kind of a therapy and he said that would not be necessary.  Instead do simple stretching and ankle rotation at home which I have been doing.  Sometimes I’m doing cold compress because swelling is still there although not that much, most probably on the area where I had fracture.  Now that I can walk without crutches, I can still feel pain on it up to my lower calf though its tolerable.  My work doesn’t involve long standing or walking, mostly sitting.  But as I have noticed, It seems that I could not walk in long hours as I feel pain on it.  My questions are:  how long this pain will last?  Would I be able to wear heels again?  Should I go back to my doctor and let him know all of these?  I would really appreciate if someone could attend to my queries.  Thank you in advance.
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Hi Ceejay,

Welcome. I see that you are not writing from the USA.... so the country that you reside in may differ then this country. I am surprised that he did not order PT to strength what must be a weakened limb.

Yes, return to your physician with your questions. I can't guess if you will be able to wear heels again.... of you made me guess I would be inclined to say, not advisable for at least a year or so. Your muscles and supportive tissues and structures will require time to strengthen and completely heal in order to support yourself and maintain stability, especially in heels.

You're just out of the cast(s) and I would expect that you would have pain for awhile at least. I don't think that is abnormal. The fact that you report is as tolerable is encouraging. However a return appointment seems reasonable to me. You'll be able to ask and obtain answers from someone how should know the correct response to your concerns.

And doesn't it always seem that we have a thousands questions AFTER we have left the office?  I would make a list to take with you.... so you can cover all your questions and concerns. It's been beneficial for me.

I hope this has been helpful and will look forward to your updates. I wish you the best.

Take Care,

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Thank you so much for your reply, really appreciate.

The last time i visited my doctor was when he removed my pin, not to mention that he didn't use even local anesthesia to pulled it off, so its really oouucchh!!!  I was thinking to go and see another doctor/specialist who could give me proper advise for my inquiries.  I will just show him all my xray films and tell my story.  And hopefully, he would send me for sessions of therapy.  

By the way, i have bought an elastic ankle support yesterday and i have noticed it lessen the swelling and pain. (",)

Again, thank you so much for your reply.  Rest assured that i will be posting some updates.

Take Care
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