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Hungarian Wellness Mud

Has anyone tried Hungarian Wellness Mud pack treatments for chronic (back) pain? Does anyone have a good source w/good prices? I've been suffering in constant chronic pain for 20+ years, and disabled/housebond for 9 years from FMS, 2 cervical fusions, rib fractures... & have experienced little (if any) relief from surgical, pharmaceutical, PT intervention. I am beyond desperate for any relief. Thanks.
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Hi BW,

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Sorry I have no personal information on the Hungarian Wellness Mud. But hey if there is a possibility it will reduce your pain levels and not produce any major side effects what have you got to lose?

I am so sorry that you have such horrid pain. We can relate. I hope you will consider becoming an active member of our community. We all support one another and sometimes that can be the best medicine.

Take Care,
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I am not familiar with this product. I've had 7 surgeries on my spine, 2 fusions and FMS.  I am homebound for the most part and on disability now.  

A product I cannot live without is "NUTRA Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream. Their website is http://www.nutraresearchintl.com/products/msm_cream.php I've used everything and I am telling you this is the best for pain.

I found this website for the  HUNGARIAN MUDD.  The price I saw was $25.00 for about 0.4 oz.  I am sure you can order more. I am going to try it too http://www.thekeywestsoapfactory.com/Pages/hungarianwellnesmask.htm

I hope this helps and try the NUTRA cream, you will love it.
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