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Looking for advice on dealing with chronic pain in the right side of my body (right arm in particular)

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Hi all,

I hope somebody on here has some advice for me on these problems, because I'm at my wit's end.

First, here's my story (I'll try to keep it short). In May 2007 (in an emotionally turbulent time for me) a chronic pain developed quite suddenly in my right arm, all the way from my shoulder to my fingertips). In the years before I had had some periods of mild RSI and back pains, but this was of a completely different order. After almost 3 years of struggling with this and doing fitness and various exercises to no effect, a chronic pain developed in my right leg (again quite suddenly and in a very stressful period). It was triggered during a race at long distance running (I'd been running for about 45 minutes). Since then the pain in my leg has slowly been getting worse, just like the pain in my arm. I have some pain in my back and right side of my torso as well, and in the last couple of weeks I seem to be developing a chronic pain in the right side of head (mostly in the jaw). I think I grind my teeth in my sleep too. Lately I've also noticed that my right pupil is constantly quite a bit larger than my left pupil (I think this might be connected to my other problems because of this post: http://*****************/question/index?qid=20110116192706AANmnhU).

I've been to various doctors and have had some scans and strength tests (on which nothing abnormal has been found). I'm  going to the gym twice a week to do various exercises, and I'm going to a psychomotor therapist once every few weeks. So far, all this medical help has not relieved the pain at all. The only thing that really seems to help is to keep moving; however I'd like to sit down sometimes and I have to sleep, and then the pain comes back quickly. I take amitryptiline as a painkiller to very little effect.

I've recently asked for an appointment with a neurologist, which is now scheduled at the end of June (apparently the earliest they could do).

I personally think stress and chronic overstraining of muscles could very well be causes of my problems, so I try to avoid those two factors as much as possible. I try to spend as little time at the computer as possible, I make sure I get enough sleep, eat well, and stay fit and healthy in general. So far all this has not led to any significant improvement. Lately I've been starting to pay more attention to possible neurological causes, and the development of pain in the right side of my head, and the large right pupil seem to me to confirm that maybe some muscles are pressing into some nerves.

Anyway, I hope my story and the symptoms ring a bell with some people, and any advice on what I could do (in regards to therapeutical methods, medicine, food, exercises, etc.) to alleviate this pain is greatly appreciated! It's only been getting worse for 4 years now, it's time to change that around.


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Not sure what it could be but do have some questions that may help some one else if they know. Have you had any type of head injuries or trauma even a small head bump from a car accident or fall? Is the pain accompanied by any numbness tingling or crawling feeling? Do you have any severe headaches?  I have a feeling you are right about it being neurological especially with the pupil size. Hope all works out for you, best of luck.  
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Hi bigsissie,

I've had some accidents where I bumped my head when I was a small child. Those wounds have been stitched, and AFAIK all has healed well. After that I didn't have any significant health problems until I was 24.

I usually don't have numbness or a tingling or crawling feeling, but sometimes I get a bit of a tingling feeling, especially in my right wrist and elbow. I don't have severe headaches, but I do often have slight headaches.


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