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Lower back pain and constantly urinating

I've been having a lower back pain the is constantly getting worst. It comes to my stomach all the way to my pelvis. It's more painful each time. The pain becomes so severe that it makes me sick to my stomach. It's hard to sit down for long periods of time and even standing it hurts. I have constant trips to the bathroom and a burning sensation every time I urinate. It stays burning for a long time that it becomes really uncountable. I thought I had a UTI a few days ago because it felt just like it. I been with chills thru-out the day and at night.

Any suggestions will help.
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With problems like this, you look to the simple things first, in this case temperature. Do you have a fever?

No one here can diagnose you problem -- please seek medical attention, now.
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I second Philnoir's post. All of your symptoms are like those on those labels we read that say, "if you have fever or chills..." "pain that gets worse...." "doesn't get better," etc., etc., seek medical help immediately.

You could have something so simple that a few antibiotic pills will fix, or, you could have something so serious that you'll be glad you saw the doctor right away!

So, please seek medical attention right now.
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Thank you for your imput. I was really hoping someone would give me better news. Last year at this time I was also in the hospital with non related issue. I will see a doctor and so far I have not had a temperature higher then 99.3.
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"Better news." You are like me.
I went through a phase where I would not allow the nurse to tell me my temperature during the "hello-how-are you-lets-take-your-temperature and blood pressure routine," because I would start to worry if it was anything above 98.6.

Anyway, just because your condition might be "serious" does not necessarily mean it will be complicated. A pill or two might cure whatever you have, if you have anything at all. However, if you were to "delay/procrastinate," then things might get complicated.

So, pop into an urgent care, and good luck!
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Thank you!!! I feel much better with what you said. As much as I dislike doctor since everytime I go in-there they want to chop me into little pieces. Lol jk. I will be going in to urgent care right now. Unfortunately with all this it's escalated to really painful stomach pain and bloody stool. Other symptoms are still there and increasing slightly, not as bad as they were before.
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This sounds like a serious medical condition -- a bleeding ulcer.

Please seek medical attention.
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