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Migrains and daily headaches

I would like to know if anyone knows what is bst for migraines and daily headaches . I have taken so many meds . Maxalt , frova , etc . Antiflams , perc , vico , daily meds as a preventative ( I think it was BP meds)  ... NOTHING has worked except for the narcotics . I take them daily and they work but I would to see if there is anything non narcotic that anyone knows would defintly work for me . I did have a cat scan and it was clear . I want a MRI cause cat doesnt show soft tissue ... Im almost afraid to get it . BUt back to meds .. Please any suggestions ?
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I also have chronic back pain and neck pain from a car accident years ago , RSL , Carpal tunnel . ... and I wonder if some of those relate to my headaches .
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TMA is hosting a alternative forum in the addiction forum. If you will look at you bottom right you will see the addiction substance abuse forum and that is where she is today she will be able to help you she has had similar questions today about migraines. If you don't see addiction :substance abuse at the bottom look under forums at the top of the page. My sister is having similar problems and she got skelxin and lortab to ease hers and her ct was ok too. She has had neck troubles in the past and I think this is making her have the headaches. Visit Too Many Advil and she will help you more
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There are so many nerves in these areas my PM says you can have extensive nerve damage and not even know until the pain starts and there is all kinds of nerve medications. I have had headaches due to my neck and I get trigger points that help.
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i recently had spinal fluid leaking and had a tremendous headache constantly. My PM doctor gave me various med cuz not even my narcotics would help.  finally he suggeted drinking highly caffieneated clear drinks,,and lay flat.  I chose to drink JOLT blue raspberry and they finally went away.  My husband has terrible headaches which we think are caused by low blood sugar because they come when he doesn't eat   His solution is food but also caffiene sometimes helps. you probably already have tried the caffiene thing but just thought I would mention it.
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Hi. I was wondering if you have tried a medication called Mirtazapine? It is classified as an Antidepressant but in my case worked wonders for my headaches. Narcotics seem to add to my headache or intensify them. Remeron is the brand name. For a while I had the worst of head pain. Remeron sometimes will not take away the entire headache but it makes it very tolorable. Just a thought, Take care, Mollyrae
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What do your headaches feel like? Explain exactly what they are like - such as a tightening band pressing down, or pain behind one eye, how about light and sounds - the key to your headaches might be in the type of headache - from stress or an allergy?

I have had headaches, from stress, and migraines, and took feverfew, an herb, until I had the one that topped anything I had ever had, then I went to the doctor. Stress was my biggest problem.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Hi,,I feel your pain I was diagnosed with cluster migraines when I was 9,,,the best thing I can suggest would be,,right when you feel the pain take 1000mg of rapid release acetaminophen and 200mg of advil or a generic anti-inflamm,,,drink clear fluids,lay down close your eyes and let your mind drift to a happy place.  This has worked for me and has not but I really have to catch my migraine/headache right when I start feeling the slightest of pain.  I hope you can get to feeling better and hope you find some good advice.  :)
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A variety of drugs have been specifically designed to treat migraines. In addition, some drugs commonly used to treat other conditions also may help relieve or prevent migraines. Medications used to combat migraines fall into two broad categories:

Pain-relieving medications. Also known as acute or abortive treatment, these types of drugs are taken during migraine attacks and are designed to stop symptoms that have already begun.
Preventive medications. These types of drugs are taken regularly, often on a daily basis, to reduce the severity or frequency of migraines.
Choosing a strategy to manage your migraines depends on the frequency and severity of your headaches, the degree of disability your headaches cause, and your other medical conditions. You may be a candidate for preventive therapy if you have two or more debilitating attacks a month, if you use pain-relieving medications more than twice a week, if pain-relieving medications aren't helping, or if your migraine signs and symptoms include a prolonged aura or numbness and impaired movement on one side of your body.

Preventive drugs...
Botulinum toxin type A (Botox).
Anti-seizure drugs
Cardiovascular drugs.

pain relieving  drugs....

Butalbital combinations
Anti-nausea medications.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
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you know I completely forgot this but when I was pregnant I especially had skull crushing migraines, the doc at the local hospital would prescribe me Stadol nose spray,,its a opiate that you pump in one of your nostrils and almost instantly relieves the pain
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sorry I sent the msg before being done typing,,,its been 4yrs since Ive used but thought about asking my doc if he would prescribe it to me to have in case,,with my migraines I also get that colored aura that takes about 20 minutes to completely move out of my eyes view and I lose my peripheral vision,,I was told it was tiny blood vessels bursting behind the eye,,,do you get any visual disturbances.  here is a link on Stadol(Butorphanol)

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I suffered like you did with migraines and daily headaches until I got a great neurologist. He informed me that I was getting rebound headaches from all the meds and caffeine that I was ingesting. I weaned off the meds and caffeine and got on Topamax and I have not had a headache for 8 months now. The weaning off caffeine is no fun but once you are off it, you will feel much better. I still have chronic pain in other areas but at least I don't have to deal with the headache on top of it all.. Taking meds for a headache everyday will lead to rebound headaches, even over the counter meds. If you haven't done so, seek the help of a neurologist. Best of luck.
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