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Need Advice on Methadone/Oxycodone

I have been on 30mg of Methadone for 4 days now and its just not going to work for me the side effects are horrible, Im constantly throwing up and sedated all day. My doc is going to switch me to Oxycodone 30mg IR, how long should I wait before taking the first Oxycodone pill my last dose of Methadone was this morning at 8 am (30mg)? Any advice is greatly appreciated Im really scared about taking this new medicine before the other is out of my system,.
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Hi I am sorry to hear you are having problems, did your doctor advise you how long to wait? I would do what ever your doctor advised.  If you are still worried, I would look up the half life of 30 mg of methadone.  To my knowledge Methadone is stronger longer acting than Oxycodone.  Since you were not on it long that is the way I would decide.  I am not a doctor just a fellow patient
Good luck to you
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I would absolutely consult with your Dr. on tapering from one to the other. The conversions online have way too many variables unfortunately.

As well as they are switching you from a long acting medication to and instant release? This seems strange....as you will now have to be taking medication every 4-6 hours and chasing the pain.

As mentioned...Methadone has one of the longest half lifes of a narcotic.

I'm not sure why they aren't moving you to Oxycontin....

Contact the Dr. today to make sure and get all your questions answered and make sure they tell you exactly how to switch over...

Good luck..
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well they basically told me to stop taking the methadone and then the next day start taking the oxycodone. Is this safe?? Anyone know if these drugs can be taken together or if they can be taken that close together (within a 24 hour period)?
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The conversion to Methadone varies wildly given many different factors.  Methadone is a very very tricky and difficult to convert.  Methadone and another med that isn't used much (Levorphonal..sp?) have extremely long half lives on the order of DAYS.  In other words it takes 2-3 days for the initial dose to reduce to 1/2 the amount.

I have ideas that would ease your woes, but in this particular case, I prefer not to disclose them because Methadone is a very dangerous and tricky med and everyone responds slightly differently to it.

You need to contact your doctor and ask him what you should do.  30 mg of oxycodone IR is the strongest dose of oxycodone that they make in instant release form.  So your replacement medication is not winky dinky.  Therefore, please contact your doctor and/or pharmacist and let us know what you find out.

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I do have one other question:  Were you taking any immediate release medication like the oxycodone with the methadone for breakthrough pain?  If so, what was it?

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how much methadone should l need to equvlant 100mg of oxycodone per day
ONLY your doctor should answer this question. Conversions are tricky, especially given potency questions, and cross tolerance concerns.
No one should try to convert doses on their own.
You could accidentally overdose.
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Hi I went to an opioid conversion chart, it said 20mg. I am not sure if I am allowed to link this but will try. https://opioidcalculator.practicalpainmanagement.com/index.php
The ONLY person advising someone on dosages should be THEIR medical provider. Cross tolerance, inaccuracies in calculators, and conversions are done differently, and it is not smart to suggest dosages, or amounts to anyone.
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