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Need Doctor in California

Hello, My current physician passed and practice closed.
I'm a fully documented CRPS patient with perfect record looking for a physician to take over and maintain my care which includes opoid therapy. I have already been through every possible therapy and surgery. My condition will never improve. I'm not a candidate for Buprenorphine addiction treatment. If someone knows of a doctor who treats real patients that may take on another,  Please let me know. Thanks
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Dr, Marc Lynch he has some offices in diff locations you can look him up on internet some of his offices are in chino or ontario, ranho cucamunga, and more. has his own pain surgery center. But if you want pain meds its really hard he wants you to try everything you can before taking pain meds. Also he does injections and pain stimulators and pumps. believe me I was so happy I did not have to take drugs anymore for pain. it is really scary at first and you have to go through withdrawls before you get one put in but you start getting part or all your life back. good luck and God Bless
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Thanks for the dr suggestion.  I will check him out.  I'm glad something worked for you that you no longer need medication.  I would like that for myself not to be in pain more than anything so I could live again.  Medication helps take down my pain to a manageable level so to have some quality of life. I've had so many surgeries already and there's no way I can go for a fourth round of implantated stimulators , pain pumps, nerve blocks, or endless injections of various concoctions. The doctors always want to try these things again. Those things haven't helped and are just more torture. I can't help these doctors make more money other than a visit and a prescription.
I'm still looking for a doctor that is willing to help with prescribing pain medication.  
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Your best options are your insurance website and perhaps recommendations from the anesthesia Dept at your local hospital. My PM doctor was also an anesthesiologist who specialized in CRPS .
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I'm still looking for a doctor to take me on permanently. I have  temporary help for now but I need to
resume stable care asap. My insurance company and local medical community can't help patients like myself.
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