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Pain Management Dismissed Me Loss On What To Do Next

On July 2 2018 I had a doctors appointment at Advance Pain and Spine clinic I have been going to this pain management clinic for at least two years for a previously failed back surgery. I submitted a urine test and was told by the doctor that my narcotic medication did not show up in my urine, I stated to the doctor that I did not understand why it did not because I take all my medications daily and have for two years and that I do not abuse medications in anyway. The doctor then stated to me that he wanted to give me injections in my lower back and I tried to explain to him that I have already had injections in my lower back in the past from other clinics as well as from this clinic previously and that the injections them self's did more harm then good for me,

He then stated that I have had no injections at this clinic and I then advised him that my medical history should show reports on file to support my claims. I also advised the doctor that there were other doctors in the clinic that were aware of my medical history and knew what procedures that I have had if he would not mind asking them and he stated that it did not matter that he was now my new treating doctor. Because of this disagreement I was dismissed from the clinics care and from the doctors care, I am well aware of the laws required from the state regarding medications and at no time have I abused any of my medications.

When I returned home I contacted the pain management clinics human resource department to file a complaint against the doctor. I advised the human resource department that I felt like the new treating doctor did not have my best interest in mind, He was not aware of my past and present medical history medical reports on file. I made her office aware of this and was told by her that the doctor cannot read and know every ones medical history and reports on a patients file. In my own defense I then stated to her that if the treating doctor did not know my history then I was not comfortable with him treating me then.

She stated that I should just obtain a new pain management doctor of my choosing and I was told that I could sign for a release of my medical records and pay for a copy of the records but that these records could take several weeks to receive. I informed her I felt that the whole situation was not handled correctly and that I felt that I have been targeted unfairly, Therefore I feel like I informed the human resource of this issue and I feel like they did not resolve the issue with the pain clinic at all. I addressed that I felt like these issue were not resolved and that was the end of the phone conversation.

I am aware of the crisis that doctors and pain management doctors and chronic pain patients deal with everyday, I am also aware that doctors half to set rules to protect self's as well as protecting there patients rights also who may be under there care, That being said I understand that not all treating doctors are educated all the same, Some treating doctors have more knowledge then others, But I think if a doctor is writing medication to a patient he or she should know the patients medical history before hand and if advising a patient under his or her care of procedures that he or she is requesting it should also be the doctors responsibility to understand and know his or hers patients care.

I myself have a history of back problems my own medical records reflect this, For me it is not a question of what medications a doctor chooses to put me on, I myself could care less if narcotics of any kind are written to me or not, Some medications cause me to have severe stomach issues when other medications do not. My goal of treatment is obtaining a professional doctor who is willing to understand my situation and has the knowledge to understand my history of back problems and a doctor who has my best interest in mind why I am under his or hers care. Sorry for the long post. Thank You
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I also have had 2 negative urine tests indicating that I had none of my pain medication in my system even though I took my meds everyday as prescribed. I am now trying to figure out why, I am not someone who abuses any medication and I will not have it on my record for any reason when I am innocent. I have no answer now but I am beginning with my primary care doctor who has known me for many years.
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