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Seeking Methadone Prescribers in Nashville TN

I am new to this forum but have been taking Methadone for 7 years now. I like most others consider it a miracle drug. I can take my dose and feel normal. Not like a zombie or high. I was in Utah and got a bad case of pancreatitis so they tried every other drug with no real effect like methadone provides. I was put on  180 mg a day at first. I considered this high dose so when I got back to TN I stepped myself down to 80mg a day. Over the last 7 years I have had to increase my dose to 120 mg daily. With the new laws just enacted I got discharged from my previous clinic and am now trying to find someone to treat me. The Drs I talk to want to put me on OxyContin or Fentanyl patches which neither work for me. Some want to give me shots but I have tried all of these therapies with no relief. I was happy with my Methadone and know it's a high dose so I am open to lowering it a little but I just want a Dr that can get me back to my same therapy. Comprehensive Pain Specialist in Hermitage prescribed it for me but be warned they do make mistakes. I had a positive drug test and this was a mistake. It has to be. Just one over the last 7 years mind you and they dropped me with no meds at all. I am trying to get the positive result changed or reversed but the DEA has these Drs so scared they don't care about their patients it seems due to the strict new DEA regulations. If anyone out there knows of a methadone friendly Dr or clinic let me know. Thanks
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Sorry, openboater has not been active since this one and only thread a year ago.

Sometime is you leave a note on their Profile Page a notice will be generated and they respond.

I'm sorry to hear about the horrible experience you had with that clinic. I hope you and ppl like openboater are reporting these clinics. The powers that be may not always listen to one complaint but when the get two, three or more there is usually an investigation.  

You absolutely correct. By law they have to count your opiate medications in your presence. We should never allow anyone - including medical staff to remove our opiates from our sight - for any reason! Bad things can happen - and we are always wrong - and they are always right!

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Have you found a new Dr. In hermitage area? The clinic you speak of i went to an they did the same to me but it was a lortab they say i had taken which i know was a lie. I had reported them for stealing my pills every time they did a pill count i would come up short a few pills. I finally told them by law they were required by law to count them in front of me. I got dismissed shortly after that. For the so called lortab showing up in my **** test.
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Thanks for clarification Phil. ECGs are mandatory and lifesaving.
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boater, it's not the DEA that good pain doctors are worried about. In the past 10 years we've seen heart problems in some people who use methadone. So far these problems, which include death, are not well understood, but there is a correlation with methadone.

I too had good results with methadone, and sometimes would like to return -- I was treated for 12 years, and rotated to other opiates 4 years ago. Personally, I'm going to wait until we get more information.

Best wishes.
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