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Spinal fusion

Hi I'm new to this I'm 30yrs of age and I had L3-5 spine surgery I've been on a lot of pain relief but non of them have been working I'm trying to find out what would be be best I have have tramadol sr codalgin  lyrica. Targin. Morphine patches coda pane Panadol osteo and non have worked I'm in exscrutiated pain and can hardly move to get out of bed or move around , if anyone has had this type of surgery would know so I'm open for any advice on pain killers , I need help thanks
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There are alot of pain medications out there. i'd talk with your doctor and let him/her know that your pain isn't being controlled. You should be on a long ating pain medication, as well as an immediate release medicine for breakthrough pain. Examples---Oxycontin and oxycodone, Mscontin and oxycodone, or morphine IR, the list goes on and on.........
Don't knock it until you try it
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PS am 44 and have hd 10 lowerback surgeries, i know what type of pain yourin...hang in there, talk with doctor.....
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10 wow thats alot and i do feel for you,Thanks ill ask my doc about morphine ir I have had endones and it did nothing I'm trying to hang in there but it's very hard but thanks.  If anymore info that would be great
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My surgery was similiar,results the same,After many trips to the er for horrible pain they ran a blood test then a biopsy on my spinal fluid,I had a sever infection from surgery , they put a a port in my arm 4 months doing antibiotics.I almost died,not trying to scare you but you need to get checked out and soon.
   I was useing a 75 /mcg patch ,fentanyl and about 15-20 norco 10 or more a day and still couldnt move. 4 years later finaly back to normal.
How long aggo was the surgery?
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What the that's bad hope your feeling a lot better it could have been close but glad it ain't .i had surgery 4 1/2 months ago so I have a long journey ahead of me I understand I'm just looking for a good pain killer to tye me over if any suggestions let me know thanks
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I've had great results with medical cannabis in reducing my opioid intake and have reduced it by 75% in the past year and feel much better as a result of it. With the pain meds for me came massive constipation and that of course required multiple laxatives every night. That has also been cut by similar percentages.
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But I have heard that medical cannibas came have the similar effects of opiates--increased hyperalgia and psychological side effects--isolation, inability to get out of bed.  It's like our body is not confused-it knows how much pain we are in even if our mind feels relieved. I have a friend who gets medical cannibas and she still takes opiates--she has made weird decisions she she has been on the cannibas.  Got a new boyfriend, threw her teenagers out, moving, got a new dog while she is getting rid of her family dog. Acting weird and disloyal to friends. Read an article on cannibas and how it causes the same pschotommetric? effects as opiates.
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I have been on so many alternatives-just about everything you mentioned.  They were all toxic at some point--think they really messed up my liver.  Simple oxycodone seemed the best--the immediate release kind.  All of the extended release forms seemed to cause toxic consequences.  Problem is had to have more and more.  Felt that it caused an increase in pain and dr. denied this.  Recently I researched the internet and learned that it does cause an increase in pain.  I suspected this 2 years ago when I first went on opiates but dr denied it.  I noticed that even when i felt better (pain is partly caused by infection) that my pain was still really bad and worse.  Was takiig 30 mg x 6 per day.  Was taking only 3 of the 6 and then had to take all 6 and that's when I ressearched and found out about hyperalgia--they like to call it rebound--but it should be called hyperalgia--rebound is a lie.  Hyperalgia explains what it really is--it means what it sounds like-you became hypersensitive to pain so you need more pain med--it is not that you are desensitized-different.  Drs. can't tell which it is I think--maybe there is a test they can run to figure out which it is but they don't bother figuring it.  If your doc is caring they will give you more.  Because something about the ER pills was poison to me they had to just keep me on the immediate release pills which is hard to manage but less toxic.  When I figured out about hyperalgia, I stopped the opiates altogether and I am in so much pain its killing me.  But to be honest, the opiates were destroying me and I was bedridden with them, just not in "pain" at least my brain thought that.  Now I am in pain cause I can' breathe due to pain level.  Not sure which is worse, but i am experimenting to see if my pain level drops and I think it has.  Although going without the opiates is a ...itch.  It makes you feel sick.  You go without any good sleep for about two days, but thankfully I remembered I got valium and started taking it so I can sleep better.  Headaches, which I never get and mind definitely feels the pain.  I think I know what the pain is coming from but pain docs just don't care what is the sources of the pain.  I hate to say it but if they figured it out they would lose a patient.  When they run tests, they run the wrong tests.  If I had a lab order form I could figure it out better than them.  I wish we could get an online doc who had nothing to gain by keeping you sick and suffering and would just order what you know what is wrong with you and get to the bottom of it.  Mine is not a back injury. It is an infection that exacerbated a genetic problem of  hypermobility.  I know this because when a physiatrist repositioned my bones/joints I was pain free until I got off her table.
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How did you get back to normal?????? Those of us that are still suffering would love to know!!!  I did not have surgery, but I believe there are non-narcotic ways to "recover" and get rid of pain.  Want to know what really works.  Pain meds are very toxic and have almost unnoticeable severe side effects.  They don't really work to confuse the body.  I believe our body always knows which is why we are often still bedridden even when the pain meds work.
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