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The morphine I take has not showed up in my urine for 2 months...why?

I take Morphine 30mg-2 x day and Percocet 10/325mg-4 x day.  My pain clinic does a urine drug screen monthly and mails it off.  For the last 2 months my Morphine has not showed up at all.  Why would this be happening?  I have to find out something before my next visit in 3 weeks or my doctor is going to drop me!
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The only way morphine will show up in your urine is if you take the morphine. You're obviously not taking it, or you're running out early and showing up at the doctor's office every month detoxing. Either way, they will catch up to you eventually. If you go to another doctor in the same State you'll have to tell them you were thrown out of the previous doctor's office because they will find out immediately by running a board of pharmacy report. This report tells them what opiates you've been prescribed and who prescribed them. Stop playing games with these people and be honest about your situation. You'll eventually run out of legitimate options for pain control if you truly suffer with chronic pain.
I am being honest about my situation and you should not be so quick to assume or judge...after being hospitalized and receiving Morphine and Ativan through my IV I had another drug screen and it came up negative for both of those meds...only my percocet showed up so they did an oral swab drug screen and everything was in the report...after a battery of tests it was shown that my kidneys are not breaking down all of my meds correctly or something like that I have to see a kidney specialist to determine the full extent of what is going on, but my Doctor is using the oral swab for each visit....Stop and consider that you do not know everything before you post your so-called knowledge...everything is not as it seems sometimes and not everyone is out to play the system
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Healingtouch, I am glad that you found out you are not metabolizing the morphine correctly.
I have just heard about this cheek swab which is supposed to tell the doctor what is the best type of pain medication for your body
Take Care
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