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am new to this and wondering if anyone will want to friend me?

I already posted a question however since I am new to this site, I do not have any friends yet, and am interested in finding people that have similar situations as me such as chronic pain and mine is mostly from my back or spine, and I take medications for chronic pain and I am going in for my 3rd surgery this time is the second surgery for my lumbar area and there were complications with my last one in January which is why I'm going back in April on the 16th because they screwed the metal plate in my nerve happened to be in that metal plate so my left leg is now in not the right condition it was before the surgery, therefore I am NOT healing properly from the cages they put in my discs in between my discs I should say, & I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have unexplained weight game and no appetite, and I'm also curious about what my pain specialist told me when all the surgeries are done, I will likely need to go to a medical doctor to get medically detoxed or cleansed of all of the pain medications that I build up an immunity to as well as other medications I've tried for so long so I'm just looking for some assistance and guidance and help with all of the above and trying to figure out how to read my MRI reports, share and ask aboiabout my other symptoms which I was told could be Lyme disease, lupus, and possibly find out the names of the doctors that could or will diagnose these kinds of things and basically that sums it up for the most part thank you
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Hi, welcome to the Pain Management forum. We're here to listen and help anyway we can.
I would recommend getting through your surgery and not worrying about your medications and when it's time to go off of them just yet. You don't need the extra stress. Yes, you will most likely have to be tapered off of your medications when the time comes and your Dr should be there to help with your scheduling and such.
I'm really sorry you're going in for a 3rd surgery.
Your back specialist will be able to explain what your MRI means. He may also be able to recommend the right Drs to see about testing for your other possible conditions.
We're always here any time you want or need to talk.
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i have suffered from fybro for many years and after ma
ny years of meds and pain i've figured out self managing my pain i'm on no meds now and found that drinking milk triggered my fybro. so i cut out my dairy intake and just keeping active and stretching helps alot. now getting employment is'nt differcult because employers d
n/nt want to hire people who take narcodicts.
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Hello and welcome to the spine forum.

I support your desire to understand your MRI reports (and all aspects of your painful spine diseases).

Two spine sites, spine-health.com and spineuniverse.com, have extensive information about spine conditions and their treatment, and both are great places to learn. Once you become familiar with the anatomy and function of the spine, reading your spine MRI report becomes easier.

Your pain doctor sounds most optimistic. I sincerely hope the new surgery works out for you, however, failed back surgery is a major cause of chronic pain.The diagnosis for this disorder is Failed Back Syndrome. (ICD-9 722.80-722.83 )

Understandably, surgeons can be reluctant to diagnose this condition, and a second opinion may be necessary to break the cycle of surgery.

Here's a link describing failed back syndrome.


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