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how long after I stop taking norco can I consume alcohol?

I injured my back last week and my doctor prescribed me norco for the pain. he told me i couldnt drink alcohol while taking the medicine but its my friends birthday and i want to be able to drink with him. i took the medicine this morning and im wondering if i dont take it the rest of the day if ill be able to drink tonight. bad idea?
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NORCOS  were my only friend for soooooooooo long. I would throw them away. Drink a beer if you must, but those  norcos robbed me of so much in life. NEVER AGAIN. My back is killine me , but i'll suk it up & deal with it in a healthy way for now own.  
god bless, memL
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Sorry I am late to your question. I'm having issues adjusting to this new format.

My PMP told me a glass of wine once in awhile would not hurt me. I know the statistics with  alcohol and acetaminophen  - Alcohol appears to activate the enzyme CYP2E1 in the liver.  

I don't know exactly what Mercy is referring to with the statement, "they will own you."  If it's meant opiates will own you - that's another totally different thread and not true for most. If it's meant that mixing alcohol and opiates is a bad combination - by all means that is true.

Back to your question, "could i die doing this even 1 time?" That depend on what you mean. Again according to statistics - yes a one time, one alcoholic beverage has resulted in liver damage. Immediate Death from liver damage, probably not? It does depends on if you are that statistic that succumbs to liver damage and of course the degree of damage.

If your opiate does not contain Acetaminophen and you have one beer - or one glass of wine? I think your chances of dying are slim, if at all. At least that's what I have been told by several physicians.

Sadly it's the ppl that consume more than that one wine a few times a year that get in trouble. Again I'm talking about opiates without Acetaminophen. In 12 years I have had probably 6-8 swallows of wine. I chose not to be a statistic.

It's your choice my friend. Just be sure you understand the risks. If I've ever been in a situation that I feel I must have a glass of something in my hand - I take grape juice with me. It stops well meaning ppl from encouraging me to have a drink - and I avoid explaining that I take medication that prevents me from consuming alcohol - or more. It's effective, everyone thinks I'm drinking a glass of Merlot!  :o)

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Do not take them.  They will own you.
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moral or the story is no beer while taking a norco>? could i die doing this even 1 time
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This is probably a late response but for future reference I will add this comment. Norco or Hydrocodone is a short acting narcotic. As Jaybay said it is in your system for about 6 hours. The bigger risk I see is consuming alcohol with acetaminophen (tylenol).

It is a statistical fact that alcohol and acetaminophen can (in some cases) case serious liver damage, even with a one time mixture. Alcohol appears to activate the enzyme CYP2E1 in the liver. That enzyme may be responsible for transforming acetaminophen into chemicals that can cause liver damage, even when acetaminophen is taken in standard therapeutic doses.  This effect appears to be even more so when the acetaminophen is taken after consumption of alcohol.

In my younger years I have had several drinks, six to seven hours after taking one dose of hydrocodone with no ill effects. Mind you I said several, not four, five or six. If you are a chronic pain patient and take Norcos on a regular basis the blood levels may be higher and last longer.  

The rule of thumb is to avoid alcohol for 24 hours after you take a short acting narcotic. Few ppl know of the danger of taking that tylenol (acetaminophen) to control a morning after hangover. So be cautious my friend.

Best of luck,
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Norco is 10 mg hydrocodone with 325 mg of tylenol.  In other words, it's double-strength vicodin with half the tylenol.  Hydrocodone is an immediate release, short-acting medication that lasts for about 6 hours, but some will still be in your system even though you don't feel it.  The danger is that both narcotics and alcohol depress breathing.  You certainly don't want to mix the two and take a chance of not waking up in the morning.  While you'll probably be OK with a couple of beers, ask yourself if it's really important to celebrate this birthday with alchohol?  If this guy is a real friend, he'll understand why you need to abstain.
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Norco has three different strengths (5mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen, 7.5mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen, and 10mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen)
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