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went to new pain doc update

I was so nervous going to the new pain clinic... I was honest as I  have been here... The doc stated that she does not take anyone who has been dismissed.. I told are it was negative... She said you mean postive. I said no negative why I don't know.. I asked to be retested and a blood test to no avail.. She explained the protocol there.. She can call you anytime to have pills counted and tested on the spot etc. etc.. I said that would not be a problem... She also stated that its a short term meds.. She believes in correcting the problem or at least giving her all... I was there like 3 hours or so.. Very exhausting... Also I had a nerve stimulations at the office... Which i was given to do at home 3 times a day to the affected area for spasms... She was very thourgh... She is to the point and thats it... I also had to get undressed which was difficult because of the cast which the nurse helped... I was very impressed with their professioalisms... Plus I  was given the  stimulater for spasms.. Anyone have them or use  them and their experenciens... She prescribed me percocest and raboxin anyone take rabolin and there effects to their pain.. I have never taken raboxin... I am relieved its over and I really like my new Doctor... Thanks to all who have helped me along this difficult time.. By the way the cast comes off friday... I can't wait.. Then its rehab
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congrats and glod bles we all have prayimg for yoyu..please let us know hpow things go
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Hi Carol,

I am so happy for you. It sounds like you have a good PMP.  If you are like me I don't want to take pain meds I just want the pain to go away, or be tolerable. If she can get your pain under control without pain medications than that is great!

I beleive there are good, professional physicians out here. They just can be difficult to locate. I am also glad you cast is coming off soon. It appears that things are looking up for you. Wonderful!!

I hope you will continue to post and let us know how your new PMP is treating your pain. I will be thinking of you. Best of luck and take care, Tuck
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Hi Carol:

I too am very happy that you have found a new Doc. It's great to hear that things do work out for some of us !!  I love positive stories. It is so important for one to have good pain relief, it make the body heal faster...my opinion anyway...Like Tuck said, good Physicians seem to be very hard to come by. I'm thankful that I have been blessed with two very good and caring Docs in my life. The first Doc I had for 18 yrs. the second and my current is going on 5 yrs. Quite frankly, I don't know what I'd do without him...Very good looking I might add......:)  I know this is silly but I'm afraid to get undressed in front of him...yikes  oh well, he's a Doc right.....
Take care and good luck with the new Doc.
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I am late to reply here but I too wanted to say I am so happy you found a doctor to help you! I took robaxin years ago it was one of the first meds I took and it did help me then. I hope all is well when you get your cast off and again congrats on getting the help you so desperately needed:)
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Good luck and Godspeed, Carol!  You've been strong enough to endure everything so far, you'll manage this part.  Really great doctors are so hard to find.  I'm thrilled that you are comfortable with the new Doc and her program.  Enjoy being cast-free!

All the best!  Take care of yourselves and each other.
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