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7 week old gas pains

Hey there :)

Our LO is 7 weeks old and suddenly is in a lot of pain during day and night when passing gas. I know, that this is normal in a newborn, however he has always been quite gassy but has never been in such pain before. Is this normal as well?

We are burping him, he gets tummy massages etc.

Thank you and regards,
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Hi Delia!  Oh, so fun.  Newborns are wonderful.  I used drops my doctor recommended called mylicon.  I used them for both of my sons.  One son was nursed but more bottle fed and I put the drops in his bottle and the other was exclusively nursed and I just put the drops in his cheek (it comes with a dropper).  Worked wonders. It's otc.  I also burped while feeding.  So, feed a bit, burp, feed a bit more, burp, etc.  I do think it is normal if he is also having normal diapers, etc.  When is your next baby well visit with your pediatrician?
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