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Hi mums,
My baby is 12 days old,I feed her through bottle at night nd used to feed her through breast at day, but now I'm facing breast refusal, she is not at all agree to feed,plz help me to get rid this situation, I'm very tensed,
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Choose one or the other. Baby is too young imo to do both right now
They're very stubborn that young.
The bottle nipple is very different than a breast nipple.

Would she start feeding mine later??
From your breast? Maybe..
Usually.kids go from.breast to bottle. Never really heard of going from bottle to breast. I would honestly just stick to bottle if that's what baby wants. Just pump.
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Born the same day as our little girl !!!
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At first I breast fed  but my nipples hurt so much I bought a pump and started to express but with the bottle she would take forever so I decided I would breast feed even if it felt like my nipple was being ground to death. And after a few weeks the pain went away. I had a dentist appointment and my partner was watching her so I expressed I got home just in time for her next feed and she couldn't drink from the bottle at all she coughed and spat it everywhere a cries until I breastfed her. It's called nipple confusion just try to stick to one or the other. Good luck
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She is too young to refuse and I think you should wait until she's very angry to breast feed her. My sister had the same problem with her daughter but it was bottle not breast. Good luck hopefully everything will be au right
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I mean try to breast feed her when she is hungry and see
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My baby is also stubborn as anything and when he gets hungry nothing keeps him from grabbing my nipples if he doesn't get his stomach full i do bottle feed him but i give bottle feed with baby spoon this way he just gets my nipple to feed on i know its tough and messy at first but it helped me alot because he had also started to refuse my breast feed
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I had to supplement so I would bf then end the feeding with a bottle. Set a consistent routine and it will make life a lot easier. Doing both is doable, but it can be hard
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