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How to stop my nearly two year old from ripping wallpaper

We've not long been in our new place. It's a rental property which the landlords have been kindly enough to re-decorate the whole house including Ollie's room..
Ollie, whilst in bed, leans through his cot and ripps the wallpaper off, he's been told off numerous times, he seems to get the message as we tell him off "uh, uh, uh" and in the next few times he does it he'll show us followed by "uh, uh, uh" The worst part is, is that when he wakes up either in the morning or after a nap, no noise or crying, he doesn't let us know he's awake so I go in to check on him and find him not only wide awake and looking like he has been for hours on end but wallpaper ripped!
We've since moved his cot to the middle of the room so he can't reach any but that doesn't seem to help as now he's found a bit right in his doorway that he likes to rip, often coming to 'Ta' me the peice of paper.
Both landlord and I are getting over this now. I've gotten another new roll from the landlord and can only hope it covers all 3 walls he's ripped up but am now worried he's going to rip it up again if I re-cover it.
Really don't want to have to move to somewhere where the landlords arn't so picky/there's no wallpaper, as these measures seem over the top but it's now making the landlord really unhappy with us.
Have been feirce enough I think as he knows he's been naughty.
Really stuck here and it's not a fun time for us all as Ollie's now 'locked out' of his room during the day so we have all of his toys and books and everything all over the house, his room is now the whole house.

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Its good that children play somewhere near by anyway so you can see him, ,its also a pity the landlord wont allow you to paint the walls .Put the toys in a box in one room and keep putting them back , its getting warm now take him out to parks , play some outside games with him,time flies he will soon be old enough to understand 'No' better ..good luck ,parenting is a lot of fun LOL
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It seems silly to wallpaper this room right now.  This child is going to tear the wallpaper down while he's in there and you aren't looking.

Save the wallpaper until you move out,   and pay for that room to be papered again.  No sense in doing it now.
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Yeah, you've both got a good point. Thank you! :-)
margypops; it's just coming into winter here - we're from New Zealand :-)
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lol lol  well I guess its too cold then ...so how is the wall paper tearing going ...How about hanging up a big board on the walls see if he will draw instead or a chalk board ..
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It is! We still get out and about though :-)
I've put his cot back into place (trusting him) and he hasn't ripped any but I've since found a peice of paper in huis room and havn't seen where it's from... hoping it's not a new strip strip of wall!
My partner and master Ollie were watching tv last night and he saw something about people re-wallpapering their walls and so of course he saw them taking it off. (Grumbling looks at my man at this point) but he just pointed "Uh, uh uhhh" at them. (Obviously telling them off. )So we told him, that's right, it is naughty to do it but that man's allowed to. His mummy lets him etc etc. So hoping he's learning as he's getting a bit older now!
Have tried to put things over the patches. I've put a blanket over the gap and around the cot area but he's just pulling the blanket down. Tried with a smaller blanket, over just the area and it stopped him until he realised that was his old bassinet blanket and decided to show me the pictures on it, I wasn't in his room at the time and he had kindly bought it out *Sigh*
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My almost 5 year old keeps ripping the wall paper off her walls everyday. She won't stop even though she's being punished for it. I don't know what to do.
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