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Traumas result of accidents or not? (question for radiologists)

Due to 2 work accidents, I am now fighting a legal case, where the causality of both accidents and the found injuries are recently discussed.
Before these accidents, I never experienced any discomfort or pain in my constitution regarding to the areas described. I had never suffered any back pain before. I have taken ballet classes from the age of 8 until I was almost 18 and went to university. In my whole medical history, I never was treated for back pain (until the 1st accident).
1) The first accident, occurring on May 15th 2007: Descending, I fell down from a steep stairs (tiled) at my work, landing on my back, 6 - 8 steps down, while carrying a heavy briefcase.
After examining the images of this MRI (20080714) and reading this anamnesis, would you consider the traumas found:
A) with high probability, to be originating from the accident that happened 14 months before? Why?
B) with high probability, to be originating from a moment that precedes that of the accident? Why?
C) not providing enough information to make choice A) or B) with high probability?
Read complete anamnesis:

Thank you for your time and work.
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Sorry Evidi this is beyond my expertise.  Have you tried posting on the radiology forum?
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