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Welcome to the Diagnostic Pathology Forum. We realize that pathology reports can be difficult to understand. This forum will give you a place to ask your personal questions and receive answers from a board-certified expert. The goal of this forum is helping patients understand what their diagnosis means, including types of cancer and staging. We believe that this knowledge will allow for a more informed decision concerning their health and well-being. WHAT IS PATHOLOGY?: Pathology is the study of disease. Pathologists are doctors who make a diagnosis by examining tissues and body fluids. These findings are combined with other information, including the radiological and physical exam findings, to help determine the extent of disease and develop a treatment strategy.”
For the past 6 months I have had pain in my right shoulder, right where it joints it seems. I have laid off on any strenuous activities b...
Hello, I'm new here and had a question on a high CPK blood test. First a little back ground on me. I'm a 37yr old male, active, 5'-8...
My sister battled thyroid cancer in 2012 and was diagnosed with Melanoma Stage IIC, which they said was the worse form of melanoma, in Ma...
MY LAB RESULTS RBC-low HGB-low HCT-low WBC-Normal Everything else in CBC report are in normal ranges. TIBC-486 ug/dl- high Fer...
My mother (age: 55+ yrs) is a patient of Hypothyroidism. She had Goiter earlier, for which she had undergone surgery in Jan, 2000, due to...
if IBC isn't usually found on mammogram, but is found on mammogram, what are the odds that it is correct? I'm sitting on a surgeons wa...
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