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What do you look for in a doctor?
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I have made a lot of discoveries about doctors in the last six years especially. I had a marvelous PCP for 12 years until she moved on. That was about eleven years ago. I started my search. I heard first from friends who they liked. I don't remember the order of doctors I saw but I do remember the reasons why I left the practice. Some of the more notable ones were fired because:
  the office staff was stuck up and snooty and not very helpful
  the doctor kept saying " I don't know" to the point I wondered what he did know
  the doctor dictated he couldn't palpate my thyroid - that was right because he was no where near it
  several doctors just handed out pills and didn't seem to want to discover why I needed them
  all did not take notice of what my specialists were doing -- no coordinating
  one wouldn't give prescriptions over the phone - even refills - you had to make a visit - another co-pay

Last year I found a fantastic, caring osteopath who is a family physician -  a great combination of taking care of health problems along with OMT - giving my body a chance to heal itself. He wants control of the specialists I see. I agreed to that. He sees the larger picture. I come with a list and he goes over every item - giving explanations where needed and making decisions together about things that happened in other offices. I feel well cared for. He never rushes me. He has a great smile and a good sense of humor. I travel every other week 100 miles round trip to see him.

Have you ever fired a doctor? If so, why? Have you a good PCP? What do you like about him/her?
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