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4 year old child, pasta rash on butt.

My 4 year old step daughter gets a severe rash around her butt when she eats pasta.  She does not get the same when eating cereals or bread, but does with pasta.  It bothers her alot, and creams do not seem to help her out.

Trying to figure out how to help her, without simply cutting pasta out of our diet.
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Are you talking about plain pasta or pasta with a sauce, oil or butter?  She might not be allergic to the flour but to what you are putting on the pasta.
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Hi, I'd simply cut the pasta out of her diet.  That easily solves the situation and pasta is just a simple carb easily replaced.  I know it is hard with a 4 year old with mac and cheese and spaghetti as easy kid meals but think of other starches you can give her in its place.  

You might try an allergist to do some testing to see what the ingredient is in the pasta that causes the issue.  Oh, and obviously if you use plain white pasta, try whole wheat. good luck
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