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Pink eye

Hello Doctor my son is 2.7 years old and two months ago he had pink eye and I still have the ofloaxcin solution that doesn't expire until 08/13. Is it o k for me to use it until he goes to the doctor
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Hi there.  First, let me say that there are no doctors here and we are just members like you giving opinions and thoughts.  But, I'd call your doc's office and say that you have this left over from last time and they will tell you to use it.  I have done it and after the first time I called and that was what my doc told me to do----  I would just do it.  So get the initial approval from your own doctor but I'm sure they'll say it is okay.  My doctor doesn't even bring you into the office to prescribe more.  

Wash your hands really well. Quite contagious and families can give it back and forth.  good luck
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Oh, there is an occasional doctor that stops in once in a while but I don't know his specialty.  If you want answers from a doctor for sure rather than the random stop in, you can always go to the expert forum-----  you go to the above toolbar and hit forums.  On the right side of the page are all the 'ask an expert' forums to choose from where the questions go directly to the professionals (doctors, psychologists, dieticians, etc.) for them to answer.  

This forum is on the left side of that page and is a member community with general members typically answering questions.

best of luck and to be safe, it is always best to check with your own doctor.  Sometimes it is just a phone call and you don't even need a visit in especially since this isn't your child's first infection.  good luck dear
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No one has ever suggested that there are doctors on this forum but some members from other countries do like to use the term.  I think if you do some scrolling you will see that. As the med doesn't expire till August you may be okay to use it, give a call to the pharmacist and they will tell you ..Many children have Pink Eye this year I have seen many posts . good luck
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