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Should my daughter be tested for hormones

When my daughter was 15 months old she was referred to an endocrinologist by pediatrician because of hair in pubic area.  Took her and the dr said there were no signs of early puberty that it is more than likely due to ethnic background, my husband and I both have Italian descent.  Now she is 4 1/2 no changes and still has hair there.  My 5 year old niece was just diagnosed with an over active thyroid that stopped her growth and gave her her period already.  My brother said I should take my daughter to get tested again because it could be hereditary.  I called and the office said if she hadn’t had any changes there was no need and she can just follow up with her pediatrician.  Should I push this or just wait and see if she starts to show any more signs.  She still has hair in public area and hair on her legs  but she is dark, has dark hair. I was like that as a child too, don’t really remember pubic area but definitely legs.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  We're glad you are here and have asked this question.  I'm sure this is concerning.  Here is some general information that may be helpful https://www.webmd.com/children/central-precocious-puberty#1.  The good news is that you have seen a pediatric endocrinologist and they did not find at that time to be anything abnormal and things do not sound like they have changed for your daughter.  Is she showing any other signs of puberty from the list in the article?  Another important thing to point out is that the sign that your daughter is having is much less concerning for girls than boys.  That's hopefully a little reassuring for you.  However, I do see your point.  Your pediatrician may be able to do the blood work to check her hormone levels for reassurance.  Is she growing at a normal rate?  
Thank you for responding! Yes she’s growing at a normal rate... importantly she’s still growing... apparently my Niece just stopped! Also I made a mistake as to when my daughter seen endo doctor, she was 2.  Like I said we had left off on a good note I’m just getting paranoid because of my niece.  She hasn’t had any changes since, the hair is still though.  She is a bit on the emotional side but she’s been like that since day 1, she was colic.  And I’m sensitive so just figured she takes after me. Her next wellness is in August.
She doesn’t have hair under arms and no body odor.  She has a little hair on back,her legs and pubic area.
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I've learned more and more about precocious puberty over the years.  I have two nieces with it that did shots to prolong menstruation.  Both were very small in stature.  One grew to 5 feet 8 and the other is 5 feet 4.  That wasn't the main concern although being smaller than everyone else takes an emotional toll on kids even girls, but lack of growth hormone can impact other things like fertility, etc.  

If it were me, I'd hold off for a while and then get her tested again.  I'd wait a couple of years and then do it for peace of mind.  If your insurance covers it now, then what is the harm.  I believe thy examine, do blood work and then x rays of bones to determine. The x rays may be the expensive part. Or perhaps the lab work. But if it is financially feasible for you, why not know?  If you are just going to question though in a few years, then wait.  

I did read that it is less of a concern for females than males to have early pubic hair.  Although 15 months!  

Your little one is probably getting ready for kindergarten.  Crazy to be talking about puberty, isn't it?  
Thank you so much for reaching out and the advice!!! Her next wellness visit is in a couple of months so I think I’m going to just wait till then and go over what needs to be done with pediatrician... I might need to go through her first to get blood work etc.... It is absolutely crazy! But at the same time it’s crazy to think in just another 4 years she really should be starting to go through these changes! Time flys!!!
Oh, I know it!  I have boys and they started puberty at what felt like a young age.  11 to 12.  First sign was some body odor.  Now I've got boys with a bit of facial hair, pimples and deepening voices.  My babies!  It really does fly by.  You have to relish every moment even if it is a not so fun one. :>)

How are other things with your daughter like social skills and eye contact?  
She is moody but she’s been like that since day one! School has definitely helped... she used to be withdrawn a bit but now she seems to get right in and she’s more chatty. She has her days when she’s like I don’t want to do this and go here, but I think it’s just her personality. I have another daughter 14 months older and complete opposite! We tease they are night and day. She actually just got her progress report yesterday from school and all the social stuff she got progressing well.  I feel she has pretty good eye contact... unless she did something wrong she’ll look away.
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