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Stomach pain in 4 y/o and doctors don’t know what it is...

My son started complaining his stomach was hurting.
Symptoms include: sharp pain behind belly button and scream at the top of his lungs pain that lasts 2-3 minutes and comes back every 20-30 minutes. The pain usually starts late afternoon and lasts till morning. *Note there is no blood in urine or stool, he hasn’t vomited and seems to be a normal kids. Some days it’ll last all day. It’s been 10 days so far. Sometimes fever but doesn’t last.
Anyways after one day and a sleepless night we saw our family Dr who thought it might be a stomach bug and should pass. Two days later we had enough and went to children’s emergency here in London Canada. They put in an IV and have him morphine as Tylenol and IB doesn’t have an effect on his pain. Once he is calm down they did blood test, urine test, ultrasound and x ray. Everything came back looking great. Good news is it’s not intestinal, bladder (UTI), stomach or appendix! Bad news they don’t know what it is. Agree it is probably a bug. The next night same thing, over the top screams of pain. Went back into emergency, saw another doctor who did a more thorough ultrasound and blood etc. Nothing. Over the next few days he seemed to improve by which I mean less pain and screaming. 3-4 hour intervals or pain. Now we are on day 10 and we are losing our minds to the sleep deprivation.
Any ideas?
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Hey, how is your little one doing now?  Is this resolved?  Any update?  Was thinking of you.
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Oh my.  That's rough.  On a few levels.  So hard to see your kids in pain. But also, we need our sleep!  My son had similar but he showed on X ray that his digestive tract was filled with feces (severely constipated) causing close to a bowel blockage.  A hospital grade enema fixed that right up and now we work on keeping his digestive tract running smoothly (hydration overall, cup of grape juice a day and physical activity).  But they'd have seen that.  I don't know, I'd ask if an enema wouldn't be worth trying.  Another thought is an ulcer.  I also as a child had a duodenal ulcer which is an ulcer in your intestines.  I was a child at the time a few years older than yours.  It took literally months to diagnose and I lost a lot of weight because I just sort of stopped eating.  It was finally found from an endoscopy and within a day of starting medicine for it, I was out of pain.  They were at the point of telling my parents it was psychological because they couldn't uncover the cause until finally . . . they did.  So, the specialist that dug deep for me was a gastroenterologist. I would see one.  
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