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Sudden onset facial ticks after vaccination-5 year old boy

I want to be clear I thought no vacciners were full of crap before.

My 5 year old never had any issues before. Last week at pediatrians appointment he got two booster vaccines.
Suddenly yesterday he started having these weird facial movements..looks like he is going to nod off.. his head goes down and his eyes roll back.. then it’s over. I took him to Children’s Hospital here in Pittsburgh.. they did EEG on him. Neurologist said not seizures but tics. The vaccines he got were boosters.

Any possibility it’s vaccine related? Seems sort of weird he never had issues before. Any assistance or appreciated

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Truthfully, I don't think vaccines are full of crap. They are necessary to protect our kids and things that people fear (like mercury) are removed now.  

I don't really think that is related.  I have a son that does have tics.  When he was very young though, I thought he might .  If I ignored it, it often went away or he stopped doing it.  Give it a day of doing that to see?  You've ruled out anything serious.  

My son still currently has tics but they are related to anxiety mostly.  He has two types, simple vocal tics (his making a sound.  Complex vocal tics are when they say a word).  He also has motor tics.  They have changed from time to time.  While they are involuntary, he does get rid of something that is embarrassing.  The two that have lingered are a hm sound he makes a lot very quietly under his breath and a movement with his fingers.  He only does the movement with his fingers when super nervous.  

Another possibility, any exposure to strep?  STrep is getting more and more publicity for causing neurological and psychological symptoms.  
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