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Toddler with Cold Purple Hands, Feet and Lips

My 16 month old son has had cold purple hands, feet and lips off and on for the past few days.  He does have a cold, and has been raspy/wheezy at times, and coughing only a bit.  His classroom at daycare is somewhat cool, but usually kept at around 70 degrees.  (I work at the Childcare center, so I know the regulation of the heat around the building throughout the day.)  None of the other children are experiencing this phenomenon, so therefore I am a bit worried.  He is playing fine, laughing, eating breathing normally etc.  I am finding him laying down to take breaks off and on, but again, he has a cold, and so do I, and find myself wanting to take a break!  =)  I put him in a long sleeved onesie under his long sleeved shirt, and babylegs (leg warmers for babies) under his lined pants to keep him extra cozy warm.  That did change the color in his lips back to pink, and his hands warmed up, however when I checked his feet and legs they did not change much.  Molted color on the bottom portion of his legs, and cold purple feet still remained after 3 hours.  Another thing, he is very tiny for his age...genetics...my daughter was also tiny as a baby and toddler, and so was their father, and myself.  At 16 months he weighs 17lbs, and is a bit on the skinny side.  (He is also very short, so he is height weight proportionate.)  So to the Question, could he be just cold, and I should bundle him up, being there isn't a lot of meat on my lil guy, or could it be a more serious condition due to the cold or other type of infection of the breathing airways...I'm thinking maybe both...he is acting normal for the most part, so I am not going to rush him to the ER.  His sister has mild asthma, and I'm hoping he isn't the same way.  I just don't  want to over-react to something that really isn't anything.  Thanks for your input! =)
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I'd wait a while. Keep him bundled up and if the problem continues after a week or so, then make an appointment with his doctor to get him a check up.
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Thank you for your input!  I called the nurse at my son's pediatritian and they said the same thing, to bundle him up.  I read other people's posts with their children having the same symptoms, and I read their replies...everyone was saying they should go to the ER.  (other parent's mentioned in their posts that their children were acting fine too.)  He is coughing and wheezing more today, but not as purple!  Yay!!  We have him extra bundled up, he looks like the little boy on the Christmas Story.  I think we'll be making him an apointment tomorrow, as he has green discharge coming out of his nose, and eyes, and the cough is deep are more persistant.  Again, thank you for your response.  
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