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developmental delay

My son is nearly 11 months old and he can't as yet sit up. He does roll around a lot. He has good head control and laughs, smiles and gaggles etc. It seems as if he is trying to start to crawl as he is lifting his legs up but not his front. Does anybody have any experience of this type of thing as he does not have an appointment with the paediatricians for another couple of months and I am worried about it.
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hi, I'm an occupational therapist working in the field of children. we have so many cases with these kind of symptoms. you should check it  for metabolic or neurological disorders. after that you should be referred to rehabilitation center for Physical therapy and occupational therapy to help your child to arrive the real  developmental stage.
go as soon as possible...
good luck!
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when was your last appointment? i assume at 9 months.  the doctor wasn't concerned? it is possible that he needs physical therapy. i would at the very least call and consult with your ped. preferrably, he should be seen to rule out problems with low muscle tone, etc...
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hi..i'm katherine from the philippines. my son also suffred from that kind of delayed. we had him check to so many doctors and check every possible cause. We just got a reason after checking his thyroid gland. We had his blood exmined (t3.t4 and tsh)and he got hyperthyroidism. Maybe you can ask your pediatrician about it and better go to a endocrinologist (specialized in metabolic disorder).
I hope this can help.
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