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Prayer Needed

Hello all,

For the last three months I have been working extra hard at two jobs. I work at the IRS full time and on Saturdays I work at Taco Bell. I am doing this because the IRS is temp. Work and while I knew that my time at the IRS may come to an end, it wasn't suppose to til June, or July. It is spreading quickly that it may come to an end on Thursday. Therefore I ask that everyone come together in agreement with me that it won't end just yet.

I ask for this because for 6 yrs I have been stuck in neuro limboland. My sxs come and go, but like most things are worse when I am stressed. If IRS does drop me I would be back at Taco Bell and this would lead to stress. Which in return leads to my health depleting. That has me pleading and praying to The Lord that this journey at IRS isn't over just yet. Or that I at least find another less stressful job.

See, I am a manager at Taco Bell which places me in charge of a crew of people that can be stressful. Also, I don't make enough to survive off of even though I have been with the company 11yrs. This also causes me stress. I know my feeling of stress and worry are not of God. I just have been struggling to fight against them. My heart trust Gods plans for my life, still I want my family to be proud of me.

Therefore, everyone's prayers and belief that God hears when we cry out will be appreciated. I also will be praying for all of you. All glory to God and may He bless each one of ya.

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Hello there,

I just read your comments. I truly hope you get what you wish for.
I'm sure everyone on this forum will include you in their prayers.
I know I will. Blessings, Eve :)
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Thanks Eve. Today is the day I find out and it has been looking Good. My boss said she is trying to keep us til June 25th. That will give me more time to look for a job so I pray she is able to. Thanks again for all prayers I will update what happens later.
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Well for this week I still have my job at IRS. As long as they have work I will hopefully be there til June 25th. Now I have one month to find a new job, that won't be as stressful as Taco Bell. I also need enough pay to make all the bills.

So I am praying. The other part of this is that I don't drive. Lord be with me. Thanks for everyone's prayers. May god bless ya,
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                 I asked God

- To grant me Strength, and He sent me Challenges to Overcome.

- I asked for Wisdom, and He gave me Problems so I can find Solutions.

- I asked for Financial Security and He gave me a Good Mind and Ability to Work.

- I asked for Courage and He sent me Risks to Take.

- I asked for Favors and He sent me Opportunities to Explore.

From what I had asked, I didn't receive anything. Nothing that I wanted!
  Yet I was granted Everything that I Really Needed!

This prayer was written by a monk in Mount Athos and I hope I did an acceptable job in translating it.

May you too be Blessed to receive
what you really need, even if it is not what you want!

Love, Hugs and many Blessings!

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Beautiful! It says it all. What a great attitude to have when we're going through problems. We can call on God to see us through & guide us as we trust that by His Grace, we are being taken care of. God knows what's best for us, so if we just believe, we'll get through, stronger & more blessed! We will have learned from our suffering. We will be rewarded with more than we could ever hope for, double for our troubles.
God Bless.
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Thanks Niko,

I need to try to remember this as the end of my tour here at IRS draws near. I still will be praying for something better. But god knows my hearts desires and will give me what I need. May he bless you,

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