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BBT & Weather

I have a question regarding BBT, it might sound silly, but is driving me nuts..! According to my calendar I was schedule to ovulate between the 31st of october and the 2nd of november. My cycle is very regular, 25 days and I get O' pains practically every cycle. On the 31st I started feeling the pain on my right side,which lasted until the 2nd. All those days I had EWCM. But when I've been taking my temp, there has been no significant rise, they have been lower than nomal. My question is if weather may affect the BBT? Last time I took temps I was in PR, where the weather was hot and humid, with average temperatures of 90 degrees...This month I'm in NY and the average temps here are in the 50's (yikes....!)...Does that sounds like something that could affect BBT?

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I have never had a change in the weather effect my BBT!

Perhaps your cycle is a little out of the norm!!

I suggest along with tracking your BBT you also use the "smiley face" opks that way you have no second guessing!!!

Good luck!
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I never did master BBT, so I am not much help.  But I agree 100% with Rachel...the smiley face (ClearBlue Digital OPK) is my best friend.  They are extremely accurate.

Good luck to you.
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Outside temps don't effect BBTs, however, extreme changes of indoor temps do.  We had a freak cold spell and the inside temp was near 60 degrees by morning, didn't turn on the heat, and my BBT dropped about .6 degrees.  I'm usually sleeping in 75 degree temp.  Talk about a huge dip on the chart, but it came back to normal the following morning.

Another possible occurrence is that your body was about to ovulate, hence the EWCM, but because of your travels or stress it didn't actually occur yet.  Your body will only ovulate when you're good and ready.   If you see another few days of EWCM before your period, your body is gearing up again to ovulate and hopefully you'll see a biphasic pattern in the chart shortly thereafter.  Good luck in NYC and your job search!
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Thank you for your imput. That's what has been happening in my apt, bcs we dont have the heater turned on. I tried to temp again, but when I turned on my BBT termomether, it gave me an ERR message, two days in a row. So I just took out the battery and I'm not using it.

I have another question? Do you think is possible to get O'pain, and EWCM and no ovulation?

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Thanks to you too..!
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I notice a difference if I am under a pile of hot blankets!
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Hi, again!  To answer your latest question, yes, it is possible to get ovulation pain and EWCM, but no ovulation.  This scenario is usually caused when the dominant follicle is blocked by an ovarian cyst.  Most of the time cysts resolve on their own.  Unless you're experiencing continuous irregular periods and pain above the normal twinges, an ovarian cyst shouldn't be deemed the culprit.

As far as BBT thermometers, I've had luck with the good ol' Walgreens brand - it's a lovely shade of pink.  
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