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Incompetent cervix

Anyone with incompetent cervix how was your pregnancy ???? I had two Past miscarriages and I'm beyond nervous
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All my pregnancies have been high risk this pregnancy I had a cervical collage put in for incomplete cervix and on bed rest so far almost 4 weeks now passed Stitch putting in and also taking Progesterone shots weekly I'm currently 21 and half weeks from 10 weeks pregnancy every two weeks we did a cervical check but the week before my 18th week check I started having contractions so we went in and had an ultrasound done and shortened quite a bit so did emergency collage the next morning at my two weeks after we had it re-measured it's better than what it was before I started shortening! Started at 3.2 went down to 1.7 after Stitch went to 3.6 I've heard of many people going two full-time or at least close to 37 weeks as long as there's no other complications other than the cervix typically over 90% effective.
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I recently was pregnant (& gave birth) with an incompetent cervix due to multiple surgeries/procedures to remove precancerous/abnormal cells. I went to a specialist ob/gyn (in addition to my regular ob Dr) around week 12 to see how bad my cervix was and to develop a plan. He said it was just on the line (size wise) and that it may be possible to carry the baby to term. We discussed cerclage as an option but rather than doing it immediately, he monitored my cervix biweekly throughout weeks 16-24. He told me that if it started to shorten or showing signs of failing that he'd close it. Fortunately, it actually started to lengthen and thicken as a result of pregnancy hormones! At my 24week visit he declared I was no longer considered high risk and he was confident that my cervix would hold. The crazy thing is, that we'd only briefly discussed the possibility that I may have problems dilating during labor due to the extensive scaring- it may not be able to stretch! At that time we were much more concerned about it prematurely opening during my pregnancy, and the topic never came up again... I wish I'd revisited the topic! I ended up having a c-section because I couldn't dilate (after being induced @37wks due to high blood pressure)! The Dr said I could continue to try (this was after unsuccessful use of a drug to soften cervix and another to stimulate contractions & dilation) for up to another 36 hours and after that he'd have no choice, I would need c-section! I decided to not risk the prolonged labor and went into surgery. He told me afterwards that I'd made the right choice. He'd looked at my cervix from the inside during surgery and he said it likely never would've opened enough to safely deliver vaginally! Sorry for such a long answer, but I hope this helps! Good luck.
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I am pregnant with a Transabdominal Cerclage that has been permently placed due to my incompetent cervix. My cervix is as soft as a sponge and as my last two miscarriages began to grew and add weight to it. I began to dilate. I am now 23 weeks and it has been an uneventful pregnancy. By 14 weeks I started biweekly cervical checks. Then went to monthly checks at 18 weeks. Now back to biweekly. Until Vital stage. I am not taking progesterone but drinking plenty of and I have been home bound since 14weeks.
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My suggestion to you is get your Cerclage, get as much rest as possible, stay of your feet ( when possible), keep them elevated, do not carry anything more then 5 pounds, stay away from cleaning the house, progesterone shots and a gallon or more of water a day. You can do it! Be safe
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I too have been diagnosed with incompetent cervix. After miscarriage @7wks 2013 they thought was just a common accurance because it was my first pregnancy I was 33. Got pregnant again after having a period that pregnancy ended at 18wks in 2014 (girl) throughout pregnancy was having bleeding but didn't know where blood was coming from. Got pregnant again March 2015 naturally other pregnancies were aided by Clomid. Miscarried July 2015, actually measured my cervix this pregnancy and it measured shorter than what was considedered averaged or normal I was scheduled to go to Wake Med the following business day to consult about cerclage. We did not make it as I miscarried the Sunday before ... So devastating, we're not giving up Dr says I'm prime candidate for cervical cerclage. When we become pregnant again they will check baby at 8&12wks and if all is well proceed with cerclage at 14 wks being monitored until 24week (viable age) and go on from there. Good luck and congrats to everyone
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