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Chances of pregnancy messing up on the pill

So I took all of my pills but 6/3, 6/4 I missed 2 pills (combination) and took them Friday. I honestly cannot remember if we had unprotected sex the days leading up, I want to say no? Anyways, I was ready to wait a week before unprotected sex since I missed 2 pills. Well, I JUST found out that I should’ve started a new pack once I got to placebo instead of going through that week. Oops. I got my period placebo week and everything has been fine and I am 2 days in on my new pack. We just had unprotected sex last night. Now I feel like an idiot because I wasn’t protected since I have had 7 days off the pill for placebo week. Anyways, my question is, could I get pregnant? I’m not sure if I would’ve ovulated so far after stopping the pill, plus I just got my period. So unless it was last night and I WAS ovulating I should be fine, right?
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Hi.  Whew, why does this feel like a math word problem to me?  I know this is no laughing matter and I am not laughing other than my own eyes crossing trying to figure out the risk involved here.  Basically you messed up your pill.  That means it 'might' not have worked.  The way that this becomes an issue is that the pill doesn't then stop you from ovulating.  You toss an egg out there and if you have unprotected sex just at the right time, you could then get pregnant.  Huge risk? No.  Does it sound like you are pregnant?  No.  But keep your eye on this.  You can rule out pregnancy completely if you take a pregnancy test 2.5 weeks after the incident that concerns you (or around the time frame of when you are concerned).  It takes 2.5 weeks to get a positive test if you conceived.  My guess is that you are fine but get back on track and be religious about taking the pill the right way.  Let us know what happens!
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it IS a math word problem!! I realized I was unprotected for 2 weeks, whoopsies and had unprotected sex. I was just trying to figure out if it was possible to ovulate so soon after my period since I messed up. I will take a pregnancy test in about a week and will update you! Thanks for the help!
I am also back on track for my 7 days and am again protected and taking it religiously
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