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19 weeks pregnant and scan has detected brain in fluid. Can plz anyone guide me?

3rd ventricle of fetus shows marked dilatation. Width of lateral ventricle 19mm. Also there is complete situs inversus and atrio ventricular septal defect. Also angular deformity of both feet and echogenic bowel.
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I wanted to come back and see how you are doing.  I was thinking about you.  
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Hello there sweetie.  Congrats on your pregnancy.  I'm sorry you have been given these scary sounding results.  I'm sure you are really scared and worried.  What has your doctor said?  Do you know the number for the brain fluid that they have?  Normal is up to 10 mm. I guess a concern would be congenital hydrocephalus.  A dilated third ventricle is also often associated with this rare condition.  This condition is marked by too much fluid in the brain.  It's cerebral fluid.  If a ventricle produces too much fluid, it can result in this (the dilated ventricle is associated).  You will likely start with a prenatal high risk doctor if this turns out to be the diagnosis and they work on treating this once the baby is born. Outcome usually relates to cause.  Here is some information. https://www.webmd.com/baby/congenital-hydrocephalus#1  They will also investigate congenital heart disease with the situs inversus and atrio ventricular septal defect.  Echogenic bowel can be a harmless condition.  Although it can also indicate things like cystic fibrosis.  And it sounds like the placement of your baby's feet is not what they want.

Gosh, I hate writing all of that to you.  Please please talk to your doctor for their interpretation of these results and let me know. I'm a big believer in faith and hope and prayer and modern medicine has gone to incredible levels with what they can do for our children.  Please let me know what your doctor says and how you are doing. Big hugs
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One scan showed 16mm fluid and another scan showed 19mm fluid. Consulted 5-6 doctors. They are telling to go for abortion.
Termination is a decision only YOU can make  - it is a very personal decision.  I'm so sorry you're going through this.
Oh my gosh, such a hard situation.  I am so sorry!!  Is this your first pregnancy?  We're here to talk if you need to. hugs
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