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Bleeding and Cramping

I started bleeding and cramping really bad so i came to the Er still waiting to find out something but i am really scared i dont want to loose the babies. I want them to be ok. What could it be?
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I'm sorry to hear about this. Just try to stay calm and wait until you can get more answers from the doctor. It may just be nothing, so try to stay relaxed.
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i had a friend who had twins and the same thing happened to her they told her it was from her uterus contracting more than normal because she was having twins i would put your feet up while your waiting and don't worry a lot of women bleed in the first few months on go on to have normal pregnancies
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The dr said it is due to having an incompetent cervix. So he said around 14 weeks they will do a procedure called a cervical cerclage and stitch my cervix where maybe it wont open up prematurely.
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sorry to here this is happening to you   I have been on complete bedrest due to cervical issues myself  i will keep my finger crossed for u  that things go well . I had bleeding and cramping issues earlier on this pregnancy and i am currently almost 33 wks today  they didnt find my cerivcal issue until around the 20 wk mark so i am lucky that my lil girl and my body held on to her as long as it did. Again good luck with everything. if u ever want to msg please feel free to do so  our stories are very similar in ways  i understand exactly what u are going through i will send u a private msg with my story sometimes it helps to know there are other people out there that have been through what u have been through
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Bedrest is no fun and my husband is in the military finishing up his 2nd tour overseas so i hope he will be home by time i get out of the hospital. He got to come home for our daughters funeral then had to leave again. I just want him home with me safe and sound and i want our babies to be ok, They are doing steroid injections every 30 minutes now becasue with my cervix thinning it has also started dilating
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I posted this on your message in the twins forum as well.  I don't understand why they are doing steroid shots every 30 minutes.  First of all it's unusual they would do it THAT often, second there is zero chance of viability if those babies were born any time in the next 10 weeks or so.  I don't mean to sound harsh but it's reality.  The age of viability for a premature baby is 24 weeks, I don't think there is a recorded event of a baby under 20 weeks every surviving birth.  I think someones leg is being pulled here.  
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I am slowly getting shocking answers that are starting to bring things together. Will post when they find out if this is what happend.
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I too am thoroughly confused as to why they would be doing steroid shots at this stage??  
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I am a bit confused as well. No baby on record has survived before 22 weeks and the baby who barely made at 22 weeks was a very rare occurrence, as normally it's at 24 weeks that they consider a premature baby viable as LosingMyMingInGA said. Just the reality of the situation. Steroid shots at this stage is very odd and to me is unnecessary. Since you are a minor still(17 years old), are you having help with your parents or anyone else going with you to the doctor?
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This story isn't viable. Never would they do steroids this early. At most, a cerclage, but not steroids and certainly not that frequently.
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I found out i have 2 uteruses if that explains anything.
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Any other news..?
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I have 2 uteruses and turns out the twins were conceived a few weeks before my daughter was born and so i was further along than they thought. I am still a lil confused myself. The doctors said it is rare and it is a miracle that the babies are doing ok. Still have a long way to go but as long as we believe in the Lord, He will help us through this tough and trying time.
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Wow, it has happened before though! What about your cervix?
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My cervix is fine now. The girls are doing good now and if you wanna message me just message me.
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So how far along are you saying the twins were when they were born?  I'm not understanding the whole scenario.  I gather from other posts and your profile that you had a daughter you lost? Am I correct?  How far along were you with her?  How long ago was the loss?  
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Yes i had a daughter and she didnt make it The dr said they were somewhere around 21 weeks and she was born Feb. 14th.
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The condition you are claiming to is called Superfetation.  This is VERY rare in humans, and can only happen in women with Uterus Didelphys (when they have 2 uteri).  However, the only cases of this happening, and the only way it can possibly happen, is when the eggs are released closely in time to each other - at the very most, 3-4 weeks apart.  The cases that women claim this has happened when a pregnancy has been long established have all been discredited and treated with suspicion - as is this one.  Basically, when you would have had your daughter in February, the hormones that were being released to cause uterine contraction would not have been specific to only that uterus.  It would have caused uterine contraction in both uteri, and you would have miscarried.  Unfortunately, I think that you have been misinformed.  I'm sorry for your loss of your daughter.
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Very well explained K10!  Thank you :)
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Hi everyone -

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