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Did I have a miscarriage?

Hi everyone. I am trying to sort out what has happened to me over the last few months. Starting in mid-January, I was getting pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, cramping, bloating, sensitive breasts. These symptoms continued for the next 2 months, and I also did not have a period for a total of 3 months. Date of conception would've been Dec 24. I decided to see how things progressed. I took a pregnancy test in February and there was a faint line, but I wasn't sure of the result as I don't really trust HPT in general. My belly was getting bigger and bloated and I was getting concerned as I had an appt April 6 with a new doctor so I was going to wait until that date to get an exam. Well, then COVID happened. I had a about 5 days of brown discharge on March 17, and at this point I was thinking I might be pregnant so I didn't get too concerned as I was going to see my dr. soon. The appt turned into a video call, so I decided to schedule an emergency ultrasound with another dr who was available. This was on April 6. The ultrasound revealed no pregnancy. On April 8, I bled bright red almost pink blood like gushing for almost 7 days. All throughout the 3 months and with the brown and bright red bleed, I have had the most terrible cramping and delibilating back pain.

So my question is. Do you think I could've had a miscarriage on March 17 with the brown blood? And the bright red bleeding could've been the build up of endrometrial wall from being pregnant?

I have never been pregnant before and I am very confused.
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Oh gosh, sounds like a lot of stress figuring this out.  The issue is that you may never know.  Can they take blood and find HCG in it?  You have that in diminishing amounts post miscarriage.  The numbers go down gradually but not super slow so I don't know how long it would still be in your blood if you were pregnant.  How far along then do you think you would have been?  If you miscarried on March 17, it would be hard to detect HCG in your blood stream.  A lot of times when a woman has a miscarriage they have not only cramping and bleeding but also a bit of tissue in the toilet.  If you were almost 12 weeks along, some women even feel something and look and see tissue or remains of tissue in the toilet.  I'm so sorry to even say that!  I had a friend have a miscarriage and she had me look as she was freaking out.  Miscarriages normally have brown spotting and then heavy bleeding during the actual miscarriage.  That would be a more normal pattern.  

I would get a complete pelvic after the covid scare is over and go from there if you are wanting pregnancy.  This is a hard thing.  And it may not be something you fully resolve with absolute answers so you will have to make your own peace with it.  But it will be good when you get into your doctor to discuss fully.  Also, if you become pregnant again, ask to see the doctor right away to confirm.  Do not let pregnancy test sticks sit as you will also get a second line when that happens that is the evaporation line and not pregnancy.  You have to read the sticks within the time frame of the instructions or it is not accurate.  Throwing that out there as it trips up a lot of people.  Otherwise, those tests are very accurate.  

Are you hoping to try for another baby soon?
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