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Holy Cramps! and other stuff too...Please help me so I'll know what to do.

Hello My name Is Sam,

My boyfriend and I are are on our second pregnancy scare in our whole year together. It's not a bad thing of course, but just a tough adjustment for both of us.

He's having some dificulty and so am I so he sugested I post of a forum for advice. Ok, So we had unproteced sex about two days after my period, and I have roughly two weeks util I'm supposed to start. But I don't really need help figuring anything like that out, what I need are some ones expiriences to comapare to.

OK, symptoms so far... Slight food craving (chocolate milk, cupcakes, pie) umm... I've been having the white discharge for days now, noticably so, also I'm starting to have pretty mild cramps similar to period cramps but much less painful. I've been pretty sleepy also but it's so hard to determine because I work a midnight shift and am always tired hahaha.... but I do fall asleep at work more often than normal. Oh and I seem to pee more often, although I might just be paranoid.

No nausea, no headaches really, just alot of thinish white discharge with no smell and no ichiness.( I noticed alot on my fingures when I masturbated too heh) I think the discharge is actually lessening some which is kinda making me sad because I was getting used to the idea of having a baby.

Please comment me, I spen alot of time writting this and as a hopful new mother I despiratly need feed back, you know.

I'd love any info you can spare.

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Hi Sam and welcome to the forum!
I had my first son when i was 19 also! :) was brilliant! anyhow back to you, in all honesty if you still have 2 wks before your period is due i doubt that you would have symptoms relating to pregnancy as yet, also if it was only 2 days after your last period that you has unprotected se x
then the chances of pregnancy would be very slim as you dont ovulate till half way threw your cycle.
it is of course possible but very very unlikely,
regards Emma
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well, thank you so much for commenting me =) I'm very happy to hear fromy you and thank you very much for welcoming me
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If you have about two weeks till your period starts, the likely 'culprit' of your symptoms is ovulation.  Some women know their ovulating because it can make them feel crampy and because of a discharge that is similar to egg whites (usually abbreviated EWCM = egg white cervical mucus).  

If your symptoms *are* ovulation, this would be the time you'd have to worry about getting pregnant around.  A lot of women don't know this (heck, I didn't for a long time!), but you only have a small window during ovulation to get pregnant.  It's rare to get pregnant just before, during, or right after a period -- but it does happen!

Have fun figuring out all the little nuances of your body!  But don't rush into TTC if you and yer bf aren't ready!
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Sorry if I sound judgemental but if this is your second pregnancy scare shouldn't you get on birth control like the pill? Or do you already take that?
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I agree with Avanaar! Sounds like ovulation, especially the discharge.
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so I'm still having the annoying cramps and cravings the discharge isn't as bad now and my boobs are sensitive ut not qutie painful. still got a week to go. wish me luck!
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i also agree,,,wheere you period is due in two weeks my guess would be that theres no prego scare!! Id say your ovulating now girl!! So no sex this week kk!! :) Stay away from it or use a form or protection!! Good luck
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Well, I've missed my period now! I'm still waiting I guess I'm now having no PMS symptoms at all and I do once in a while have these wierd cramps in my lower abdomin but they come and go and arent really like menstral cramps. Umm..My boobs dont hurt like they normally do while I'm on my period but my nipples kind of hurt on and off and they also tend to itch a bit. But besides that, there nothin happining. Just really tired.
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