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How to get baby out of my ribs>??

OMG this is killing me!! Right now my baby is right under my rib and it is hurting so bad...is there anything i can try to get baby to move a little? anything will help!! thanks!!
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Try laying in different positions and putting an ice pack on the area that he's in. Hopefully that will make the baby move. Not sure if this really works or not but someone told me to play soft music down low by your bikini line. The baby will move to be closer to the music? I would try the ice pack first though. Good Luck! I know it's painful!!
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I poke mine, he doesnt like being touched and always moves away from it.  It ***** thats for sure and is not something anyone enjoys.
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I get on my hands and knees and do those belly drops. It always seems to get him to move into a new position.
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I would just push back on her when she would dig into my ribs. She didn't like any pressure on my stomach at all. So she would move whenever I would push on her slightly
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hands and knees is the way to go.. the first time I tried it, I didnt think it would do anything.. but the baby was pushing against a nerve and I couldnt get up so i didnt know what to do .. Sure enough it works!
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i have try all of those things girl, but my baby seems to enjoy it cause she moves out but goes back after 10 minutes. my back is killing me and i feel her pushing my ribs.!
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what i used to do with me son cuz [[he loved sleeping by my ribs]] is move him around...like play with belly til the baby moves around..but u have to keep pushing the baby away from that area..good luck
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I also poked my daughter and she didn't like that and moved. Usually worked but also changing positions e.g. lying on the side also helped attimes.
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I really didnt start to notice my daughters bottom or knees or feet get in my ribs until at least 33-34 weeks, when she moves her body and pushes up on my ribs I just take my hand and push her back down becasue Im able to feel her bottom,l my other 2 girls did that, the kneeing or kicking I cant really move her to a different postion, but its only momentary it hurts them i stand up and walk around and shes ok.
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I've had severe rib pain for around 5 or 6 months now the doctor says its babys head but 5 months ago my baby would have been too small to be near my ribs the pain is like a crushing pain that also leads round to my back and its very painfull when I sit down :/ has anyone else had any problems like this?
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Yes I have been having this same problem for a couple of months and I'm about 31-32 weeks. It does hurt especially when sitting, and also when you're sitting if you lean forward too far or back too far. They said my baby turned though, so maybe its just his feet pushing up on my ribs. Anyways, I find relief when sitting by putting a pillow behind my back. It helps tremendously. Hang in there, I'm right there with ya! [:
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