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Is this a positive Pregnancy test???

Please I need your help? I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and I see two blue lines on this test. I seen it within 3mins. Its a early pregnancy test (Equate brand) I have used these before and never ever got two lines. I had ovualtion spotting on the 19th and 20th. TMI just when I wiped. My last Af was on the 5th of June. My cycles are usually 28 days apart.
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I only took the test apart to take the pic. My camera was making a glare
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If you're not sure I would get another test.  That pic is kind of hard to see - even when you enlarge it.  But I would for sure test again to make sure :) I wish you the best of luck!!! :D
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It's really faint and so it's hard to say. I would try again with another brand like Answer. Good luck!
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Really hard to tell. But, I'd retest. And also I'd use a pink dye brand (just my advice) Blue dye seems to have a rep for false positives (..I had two of them in November) and could also give evap lines. As can pink dye but I've heard more so with blue.
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My first pregnancy test looked like that-super faint line. The same day, I took 2 more and they were darker. But I used first response. Good Luck!!
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I DO see the line, and from what I've always heard, a line is a line, no matter how faint.  I don't have any experience with blue dye tests, though, so I'd probably test again with another brand to be sure.  Good luck!
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I do see the faint line.... I would re-test as well with a Digital test.... No room for if's there! Good Luck!
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If you have to squint to try to see something it may be an evaporation line. Blue-dye tests are notorious for them. Use First Response instead.
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I agree with Joy. My first thought was evap line as well!  Try using  First Response as she suggested.  They are by far one of the best HPT's on the market.
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LOOKS POSITIVE TO ME. a lines a line go and have a first respone test using first morning urine. i do hope it is for you and also the digi test are not as sensative??? may be leave it a week b4 testing with a digi test. let us all no how you get on do you have pregnancy symptoms ect.. good luck lynne from the uk. :D
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I had to turn my computer side to side and squint to actually even see anything. A true positive you shouldn't have to do that on. I would definitely recommend retesting with a pink dye test, such as First Response.
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I went to my OBGYN today and he did a HCG blood test. AND GUESS WHAT???? My Hcg level was 120. He said I am about 3 weeks 6 days based off my numbers. I am so happy... Thanks girls.. I guess the blue dye test worked fine for me.
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I agree with Clysta. I would try with First Response. It's more accurate and the instructions for First Response are more detailed.
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Congrats Hun!
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Thanks. I am so happy right now... Its a dream come true...
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ah am so happy for you congrats missy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Good morning, Congrats to you. I to have had the light pink apperance after I urinated but not enough for anything to appear on pad or panty linner only when i whiped. My hunbby and  have been trying for almost 7yrs. I am afraid take another hpt because of the false one in the past. My sister didnt find out that she was prego until 3 months along she had no prego symptoms, she only said that she would eat and not feel full thats wut triggered her to take a test. I have heard that some symptoms are headaches and I have been experiencing those for abuot 2weeks and it seems that my eaing habits have picked up. What do you think, my sis is making me an appt to ob/gyn since i am dragging my feet and have had neg test, and last cycle was Apr 10-14. Hope that i just took the hpt too early. What do you ladies think?
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congrats..the blue dye test worked for me to when i was only like  3 weeks too!! :)
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YAY!!!  Congratulations!!!  I'm so happy for you :D :D
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