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Need sooo much help right now :(

I need some help understand me and my girlfriend's situation! :(
Last friday (November 22nd, 2013) me and my girlfriend did some sexual activity with each other, but not intercourse at all. I had a condom on and my girlfriend was on her stomach when we were rubbing against each other. Things got rough where my girlfriend was moving her hips by herself and i was pulling her closer to my penis. During the time she was moving her hips, my condom was coming off a little, so i fixed it up and the condom got a little longer to the point where the tip of my penis was not touching the front of the condom. I came and we stopped after that. I checked the condom for holes by filling it up with water and cleaning the outside so that i can see the water coming out and there were no hole by what i saw. My girlfriend played with herself for awhile and she came twice due to that.
now suddenly after awhile, my girlfriend was having pains all over her body so she couldn't move as well as she could, she felt dizzy and tired, and plus she was getting a headache. I took her home and told her to get some rest. It was hard for her to sleep with the pains all over :(
The next day on Saturday, she felt nausea, dizzy, and felt like she was about to faint. Plus her pains were still there, she got tired most of day and slept, and also she would feel cold and hot at different times. She did not know what was going on and i had the feeling that she was pregnant due to the signs, but how? It did not sound possible because I thought signs like these happen during the 2-3 weeks of being pregnant. So we thought it was because of yesterday and how rough we were going. Although, I still had my doubts
However, the next day on Sunday, she started to feel sick as in fever, cough, runny nose, and every other symptom before as well. Me and her were scared as the symptoms of pregnancy is growing for some reason and we were not liking it. She could not move from her bed and too different pills (not overdosing or anything) to take away the pain and let her sleep. She slept for most of the day and at night, she took Nyquil to ease the pain and let her sleep.
Monday which is today was different in the morning because she did not had any body pains for awhile, but the cough was still there so she could not talk on skype or to me in person. The Nyquil work according to her, but the cough was annoying her. Suddenly after taking a shower, the pain came back and later she felt weak again just like the previous days. :(
She had a class so we had to meet up at night in the cold winter and it was not good for her health. We met up and she seemed fine except for a cough and not talking, however as the night went by, she started to feel cold and I mean REALLY COLD and we were inside the building. she started to cry because she didn't like what she was feeling here. So me and her did some searching for pregnancy symptoms.
According to what we search, most of the things she had was symptoms which made us really depressed and sad. Her mother told her that the symptoms she was feeling was almost the same as she was feeling when she was pregnant and asked her if she had any irregular periods. She said no and I turned to finding out what date is it in her menstruation cycle. She did not know yet, so we left it as it is for now. Her being outside was not helping her issue with her body temperature changing, so i dropped her off at her house and went home in the cold after.
When i got home, i got an email from here saying that her period started at Nov 11th and Ended at the 17th which makes it 8 days since then coming to now on the 25th. We did some sexual activity on the 22th; making it her 12th day on her cycle. Now we are worried to the max and we are depressed with this whole situation. Please if any can, answer what should we do about this? :(
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If you didnt have sex, she cant be pregnant. Sounds like the flu that she has......
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If you used a condom the risk is low. It sounds more like she has the flu. If she misses her period have her take a pregnancy test but like I said it sounds more like she has a bad flu.
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And if there was no penatration there is no way she is pregnant.
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She's not pregnant she's just sick or over thinking it. If you overthink it all of a sudden you think you have symptoms. If you still think so get her a blood test at the doctor.
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Thats a flu like symptoms going around ....relax she isnt pregnant..
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It sounds like a stomach bug or the flu. It dowsn't sound like she's pregnant. But if she isn't and keeps convincing herself she is, her body can make her have all the symtoms of being pregnant it's called False Pregnancy (Pseudocyesis). Get her some cough mediciane and keep her hydrated (because that could be what's causing her pain). Try to keep her in a warmer area and just try to make her feel better. Stop worrying so much and help her to stop worrying. If she misses her period next month, get her a test and go from there. But I seriously doubt she is pregnant, honestly.
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U HAVE to have sex in order to be pregnant. Y'all didn't have sex she isn't pregnant she just has the flew relax the stress is most likely why she's wait n if u over think being pregnant ur mind tricks ur body into being pregnant. This is just a mind over matter thing going on she just caught a bug She'll be fine
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