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OT: Christmas presents for the kids

I know this is OT but i thought i would get more input.. ever year me and my husband stuggle with figuring out what to get our two older boys for christmas and this year is not different. We have three children age 8,7 and 2 and i am due with another one in dec (but looks like he is going to be here in Nov. all my kids are early) This summer we couldn't take a family vcation because i was in and out of hospital and put on bedrest (preterm labor issues) and my boys have no interested in toys they will play with them for a day or two and forget about them. So I was thinking about going to great wolf lodge and use that as there present from Santa and get one or two things from us. But i don't want to go until Feb. So that th new one is at least three months old and I am use to the whole baby stage again. I'm just wondering if that sounds like a good idea??? and opions ladies
also the trip is very expensive (at least for our income)
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Well I definitely see your dilemma, and I've been there myself! Although my kids stay interested in toys for longer, I totally appreciate the sentiment (3yrs and 1 yr and due in April)....

But I would say...maybe the lodge isn't the best place, especially if it's a stretch financially? the 2-year-old and the newborn won't appreciate it, won't remember it, and to THEM, toys are concrete, even if they're quickly outgrown.

BUT you don't necessarily have to get them just toys. Books definitely last a long time, and you could always plan a more child-friendly trip...or give them each a little booklet of "free wishes" (they tear out a page from the booklet when they want a free wish and give it to you...it says "I want to go for ice cream this week" or "I want to play catch after school this week" for the older kids...etc) and for the little ones, taking family pictures and buying books or stuffed animals that they can keep close with them for years might be a more long-term investment.

What about planning a water park trip for the summer? it gives you more time to save up, the 2-year-old will be older and more likely to enjoy some of the trip, and the newborn will be old enough to at least sit up and splash in the kiddie pools.

But that's just my 2 cents on it..I struggle every year with ideas too, mostly because I believe in giving my kids a big, fun Christmas....but I don't necessarily believe volume of toys is the answer...so it's always a tricky balance for us! We do a family trip every year, but go with the MIL/FIL and BIL/SIL and their kids so that we can split the expenses.
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i have never thought of a vacation although it does sound nice

i have a 7 year old son and he's getting a hot wheels wall track and expanision, some chapter books (we encourage his reading), a DS XL, a new game for PS3 (another educative one) and prob some small stuff like board games

my one year old is the tough one because she will be 16 months at xmas...i decided to get her some sesame street stuff, a flip open couch (she loves to sit next to me) and a baby doll

i have twins on the way that will be here before xmas but not sure how soon....one ob says one thing the next week they say something different so who knows....im at a loss for what to do for them becuase of how close they will be born to xmas
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why not get the twins christmas ornaments?  a couple baby toys?  Does your 16month old have any dolls?  Books and movies are also good.
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I am still planning on getting things for my children and when I say the trip is expensive I mean for it to be right after christmas and since I have been off work sinc 8wks pregnant. And also I should put that my children have everything and we are having a very hard time thinking of things they don't have that they would like. My two oldest both have two different houses and are completely spoiled and are very rough with their toys and items if they do play with whatever they get its broken within a short time.
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Well my boys are 4 and 7 with a baby girl on the way. Ive decided not to do toys this year because of the whhole intrest issue. So we are getting them a Wii as a shared gift and new sheet sets from us. Then a few small items to be from santa. Have you thought about something like that?
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ya we were going to redo their room sheets and ext. but my mil showed up last week with new sheets and curtians to make their room into super heros. they have a wii (that what they got as the main prsent from santa last year. And they really don't need anymore games. Every week they get money for helping around the house and they will both save it up and about once a month they have enough between the two and they buy a new game. Thats all they very do is want to play games. Like i was looking at the trip as a gift more for the boys then anyone else
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