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Odd Question About Sex Dreams!

So...LOL...For the past week or so I have been having very graphic sex dreams. In my dreams my FH and I are, 'very content' with our sex lives and I wake up feeling very refreshed, but the reality of it all is much different. I am afraid to have sex b/c my mind plays tricks on my body and it takes it's toll on me emotionally. I'm afraid something will happen to the baby, although I know it wont. If it's not that, I feel too sick to want to have sex with Adam (FH) and I know it's taking it's toll on him. TMI...We used to have sex 1-2 times every day or at least every other day, but now it's MAYBE every 4 days and although I WANT to, I can't bring myself to or I feel sick. Any one else go through this and have suggestions?
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I have the same issue, although my dreams are DH and someone else having sex lol. I know DH would never cheat, and I think it is just me dreaming of past insecurities with myself.

DH and I do not have regular intimacy like we used to, we would have sex atleast every other day someties everyday, and here lately my sex drive has gone out the window. I had asked my doc why this may happen, and he said it's just hormones which I do believe.

He gave me this example- When a cat goes into heat she makes it quite obvious of her sexual feelings, but when the cat isn't in heat or is pregnant she too looses all sexual drive and her monthly mensus.

It is just hormones, and your sex drive probably won't come back until a month or 2 after baby is born, I know after my children were born I wasn't ready for DH until 8 to 9 weeks, and self lubricating becomes quite hard aswell due to hormones.
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yes...the lubricating issue...thats another reason im afraid to have sex! i ended up at the ER b/c i was allergic to one kind we used once since ive become pregnant.
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Yea, I had a bunch of sex dreams lately... And the funny thing is DH was too!! But we BD maybe around 2X a week if I'm lucky..(I'm 26weeks preggo)

I think if your feeling sick, to just "try" it out.. Haven't you ever had a cold or something, then BD'd and felt miraculously(sp?) better for about 5-15min. afterward? lol

I also want to reccomend the "WET" lube, or "astroglide" or KY.. you can test a little bit out on the outside to see if your allergic...

Sex won't hurt the baby, as a matter of fact I've had friends who'r preggo asking me if Sex is safe during the last month of pregnancy... the answer "YES" as long as your not having preterm contractions, or bleeding... etc.

Good luck!
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Well dreams are supposed to be our subcontious way of releasing our stress of the day. In this i would assume it is either suggesting you are longing for sexual contentment too but because of your fears you need to explore them in a safe environment (are you pregnant in the dream?). On the other hand it could just be your anxiety about the fact that you actually have very little want or need for sex and that scares you or you feel guilty for not wanting sex ie not wanting to please dh. You mind is creating a realm to comfortabley release your stress.
I know i felt a huge mix of all of those things when i was in my first trimester and i was sick all the time. I also had cramping after sex so that made it worse. I had the EXACT same dreams. I would actually wake up kind of turned so i started using my dreams as a prompt to ahve more sex rather than a way of avoiding it. Try to ignore the feeling of being refreshed or relieved and focus on the actual act of the sex, how you felt etc then wake your man and...well you get the direction. It worked for me and now we are up to our regular standard again ;)
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