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Please help me :/

I invited a guy over last night and we played around a little. He ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed it. But before that he rubbed his penis on the skin right beside my vagina. I don't know if his penis had precum or anything on it, but one time it slipped a little and went in my vagina a little. It didn't go in the hole. Just the place before the hole. Again I don't know if he precummed or anything. Please help me.. I don't know if i'm pregnant or not. What are my chances? My back hurts right now and my head does a little too. Sometimes my stomach hurts now and then ever since last night. Help..
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Hi, it would be way to soon to be showing any signs of pregnancy now, but as both your genitals came into contact whilst being naked there is always a chance of pregnancy.
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I agree it's impossible to show any form of symptom related to pregnancy right now. (unless you have been having sex before this unprotected) Its difficult to say what your chances are. When a couple has unprotected sex they have a 25% chance of pregnancy. Yours would be somewhere below this. It's not likely you will wind up pregnant from this encounter though. To protect yourself better in the future, always use a condom if a mans penis is going to be anywhere close to your vagina, regardless of if there will be penetration. This is wise no matter what, because you don't know what happens when you get into that moment.
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It is unlikely, as Clysta says.  Even if some sperm reached your vaginal fluids, it does not automatically make you pregnant.  For one thing, you would have to be ovulating for it to cause pregnancy, and your ovulation only gives you about 24 hours at mid-cycle to be fertile.  For another, even if you did ovulate that night, there is no guarantee the sperm would find the egg.  However, if you absolutely must be sure, there is always Plan B, available over the counter.  If you decide to take it, I believe you have a 72-hour window for effectiveness.
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