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Pregnancy Symptoms but......

Hi, I am new to this forum but this has been driving me crazy and I would love to hear other people's thoughts on the situation.
I have a bicornuate uterus(one that is split down the middle, so it is like two half uterus' instead of one). I have had two successful pregnancies. They were both high risk for preterm labor, but I went to my due date with both. I had bleeding with both for the first few months(with a bicornuate uterus, the side that the baby is not in can still have a period). At one point during my first pregnancy when I was bleeding, I was told that I was miscarrying because my HCG's were so incredibly low. Needless to say, I did not miscarry. I did have a positive pregnancy test with both even though I had bleeding like a period.

Here is my current situation. Since February I have been having pregnancy symptoms. It started out with my breasts increasing in size and being very tender and sore(same as my other pregnancies) then I began feeling nausea(but not as much as with my other pregnancies). The nasea has since gone away. Next came feeling tired, I would notice myself getting out of breath a little when going up the stairs and doing the treadmill. I started getting a belly and to date I have gone from 116 to 123(weight fluctuation is not very normal for me).and it seems like it is all in the belly area. It doesn't seem like I am gaining it all over. The veins on my stomach seem to be much more visible then usual as are my stretch marks from my previous pregnancies. Usually I am terrible about eating, I can go all day and not really get hungry, I eat pretty light. But recently, I have been much more interested in eating. If I don't eat by a certain time in the morning I start to not feel good. Also recently I have been feeling little flutters in my stomach that feels a lot like when I was pregnant(I felt movement early with my second since I have a fairly small frame). I am thinking that if I were pregnant, I am between 14-16 weeks.

Here is the kicker. I have not had a positive pregnancy test and I have continued to have periods although last month I was 3 days late(I can't remember ever having a late period except when pregnant) and it was very light.
Does anyone have any similar stories? Having a false negative pregnancy test this far into it? Is it possible that I am pregnant? If not, why else would I have these pregnancy symptoms?
One last thing, I was thinking of renting a fetal heart monitor. Is it easy to hear a heartbeat at 14 weeks on a home doppler? I don't want to bother if it is difficult and wouldn't answer any questions. My husband lost his job last month so I don't have insurance and don't want to pay the $200+ for an ultrasound if I am not pregnant or if a fetal doppler is really reliable.

Sorry for being so lengthy, as you can see I have a lot weighing on my mind! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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when i was pregnant with my first child i never had a positive urine test.the doc told me i just dont produce enough of the hcg horomone.i could only confirm my pregnancy through ultrasound or blood.even when i was 30 weeks pregnant and trying to get on insurence i had to have a doc run a pregnancy test and ultrasound to confirm the due date.i was obviously pregnant but it still shocked the clinic's staff when the test said negative.i didnt start to show untill 6 months either(i weighed 132 almost the whole time).i and with all the negative tests people (and family) didnt believe i was pregnant.said it was all in my head.even when i had ultrasound pictures to prove it.with my daughter on the other hand,i had a positive urin test right away.so...i guess you never know.but i do suggest getting an ultrasound,if anything to shove it in their faces if you are pregnant ;)
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Thank you Jenn1226!
I really appreciate all the info and advice. I didn't know that the home fetal monitors were so bad. I am so glad to hear that before buying/renting one.
I never really thought about the hospital....my husband has worked for the same company for 8 years and we have always had insurance so I'm a little rusty when it comes to what to do without it.
It's just frustrating because I feel like I am crazy....my husband was excited even though the timing might not be the best, but now with no positive pregnancy tests, he raises his eyebrow at me when I am sitting on the couch at night and think I feel flutters. I just need to know for sure!!
I will post again when I find out for sure.
And please if anyone else has any advice feel free to reply in the meantime!
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Last week my daughter's ob doctor said that home doppler thing you can buy doesn't work and not to waste the $35. My friend said the same thing and that she barely heard a thing and that was only at the last month of pregnancy. My daughter is 14 weeks pregnant, her symptoms have been exactly like yours have been but much more nausea (but it is also her first baby). She used the first response early pregnancy test stick, it can detect pregnacy 5 days before your period is due and it gave her a very clear positive when she was under two weeks pregnant. Did you try that one? My other suggestion to you is to go to the hospital because they cannot turn anyone down for any reason at all- it is the law. You have to be seen no matter what and even if you don't have insurance they have to treat you. You are not responsible to pay at the time of service (at a hospital, at a regular doctor's office you most likely will have to pay a percentage upfont, usually half) You can request the form to fill out for financial hardship whether it be low income or unemployment or even just life situations and hardships, that will reduce or totally eliminate what you will owe. They will bill you like they do for everyone even with insurance, and if you send in the form the billing dpt reviews it and sends you an adjusted bill or letter stating no charge. You can even submit it after you get a bill for the whole amount and once reviewed they will send you a new reduced bill but don't wait too long just in case. My husband made over $800 a week and had no health insurance and they reduced it by half which is crazy! There was a question asking for income and any additional reasons why you are having a financial hardship, we told them that, I, his wife receive disability and are very behind on bills because of my recent surgery and they took offf way more than we expected. You can also set up a payment plan later on and once you get the new billed amount. They really want to work with you. My daughter went there after she did the home test for confirmation and they did a urine test (they have good accurate tests) and told her right away that she was pregnant. She had no insurance and got a bill a month later for $150 to give you an idea of price but she hasn't submitted the financial help form yet so eventually it will be zero. The lab test was more expensive than the amt they billed for the physician's services. Also if you get a positive result from the hospital and let them know that you could be 14 weeks, they might listen for a heartbeat. My daughter thought she was 11 weeks when she went to the OB doctor last week and the midwife said lets see if we can hear a heartbeat you have to be atleast 12-13 weeks because they usually cannot hear one until then and they heard it. A week later ultrasound confirmed she was 14 weeks.  I would think the hospital would have what the OB doctor used incase of emergencies and it wasn't what the ultrasound tech uses. It was like a stethescope earpiece but the end did look like an ultrasound scan tool like they put on your belly and she did use jelly and boy was it a loud strong heartbeat, that little machine is high tec. You don't need to have an ultrasound to find out, besides only your doctor can order one to confirm pregnancy and dates buts thats only if they get a positive urine or blood test and/or believe you are pregnant and getting a false reading. One last thing, if you go to the hospital and their urine test says negative, they might order a bloodtest to make sure, especially if you also did tests that were negative. Goodluck to you and keep me posted.
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Thank you thank you!!
I really appreciate someone responding!!
I know, I should just go to a free clinic....I guess I feel like they will look at me like I am crazy when I tell them that I think I am pregnant with no positive tests!
I would love to just get an ultrasound, that would tell me for sure!
Again, thanks!!
If anyone has gone through anything similar, I'd love to hear it!
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Well, first off...there are free health clinics. I would suggest getting a blood test done. It sounds like you could be pregnant, but that's the only way to tell for sure, a friend of mine didn't show up on blood or at home pregnancy tests until she was at least 17 weeks...so I don't know, maybe you aren't as far as you think...Keep us updated on what you find out, maybe someone on here is going through the same thing and your experience could help her out.
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