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Relieving constipation...help! :(

ugh its been a week since i could last go! ive tried stool softeners but those just make me gasy. i eat high fiber foods!! and i dont want to use a sapository (how ever it is spelt) just when i use them, thats the ONLY time i can go!!! I either have (tmi) diareahh or constipation...nothing normal!! im going to use a sapository after i eat my grilled cheese sandwich but anyone know of a way to get back on a normal schedule?! im 18wks along and its just frustrating bc by the time i go to give birth i dont want to "explode" on the bed while pushing my baby out..

i know, sounds weird...lol...but it just freaks me out!
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Have you tried the fiber drink you can buy at the grocery store that helps
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Someone told me to drink pedialite, its for little kids :)
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Have you tried lactulose ? and syrup of figs/
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Try miralax. It works wonders and all you do is add it to your daily beverage. It speeds up the process naturally. Also apple juice helps too!!!
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Yes apple juice lol ...And the mots for tots apple carrot juice....its delicious plus it gets things going!!!!
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ive tried those but when i do...i get stuck with either diareah, or it will only work that once! apple juice and fibers never work :'( grape juice gives me diareah too :( but im drinking one glass of that
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My son has chronic constipation and obstructions and his pedi told me miralax (which is just pure fiber) and colace every day. As the above poster said you mix a cap full of the miralax in any beverage and drink it daily. The colace is a stool softener that pulls water into the stool from the intestines. Both are perfectly safe during pregnancy according to my OB. Good luck.
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Drink some coffee lol that always helps me. I don't drink it often just when I need to go and can't!
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Other than foods that move stuff along, excercise works for me. Go for a walk :) works better than yoga or anything else ive tried! :)
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Prune juice works great for me. I also increase my fiber intake
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If you live near any Asian shops,there's a drink called 'imli pani'...'pani'meaning water,...'imli' meaning tamarind.its brown,quite tangy,slightly spiced and you won't be able to get off the toilet!x
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