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i tested

Well, i couldn't help myself. I took a test this morning when I was getting ready for work. It was a BFN. I'm so dissapointed. Hopefully I won't get my period this weekend and I can test again and get a BFP! I'm trying to stay positive.

Quick Question: I had methotrexate a while back because my pregnancy levels continued to increase even though I had miscarried. I have NEVER had trouble getting pregnant, until now. I used to be able to get pregnant when the wind blew! Is it possible that the methotrexate could be the reason I am having so much trouble ttc? I am also on Clomid (doctor put me on it due to progesterone issues). I read that sometimes women have trouble getting pregnant on Clomid. I am going to stop taking Clomid and see if I get pregnant on my own next month.

Any idea on if Clomid or Methotrexate could be giving me trouble ttc?
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I dont know about the methotrexate but I am so sorry you got a BFN better luck next month SSBD
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um, i googled "Methotrexate and fertility" and this is what i got.....sorry it's so freakin long, but i thought i'd cut and paste, since the "review" is soooooooo long as well!!!

"Methotrexate exposure before conception"
After administration, methotrexate is widely distributed in body tissues, the highest concentrations being in the kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, liver and skin. Its presence in the liver has been reported up to 116 days after exposure, although the amount of drug retained does not appear to be related to the dose received.7,49 There is thus a theoretical risk of fetal exposure in babies of mothers who have taken the drug up to 4 months prior to conception. Table 5 summarizes the largest prospective study of pregnancy outcome in women on MTX prior to conception.40 It is also the only study where low-dose MTX was used within 1 year of pregnancy. A high rate of spontaneous abortion is seen (as mentioned above), but there were no abnormalities of surviving fetuses. However, the numbers (nine in total) are small. A study looked at 368 pregnancies in 210 women who had had single- and combined-agent chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic tumours over a 20-year period. All patients were given MTX, followed in the majority by folinic acid. The mean duration between cessation of treatment and pregnancy was 2.7 years, the mean cumulative dose of MTX around 1.2 g, and the maximum dose over 6 g. Abnormalities included two anencephalic stillbirths, and one case each of spina bifida, tetralogy of Fallot, talipes equinovarus, collapsed lung and umbilical hernia. One child of a mother who had received MTX developed desquamative fibrosing alveolitis 1 month after birth. The mother later gave birth to a healthy child, but 3 years later, a further child suffered the same problem. In the study overall, there was a slightly higher but statistically insignificant incidence of stillbirth and congenital abnormality compared to the expected background rate.50 In an earlier report of a smaller number of patients, presumably from the same sample, the authors describe four cases of abnormality in 130 women who had received MTX alone. The abnormalities were: umbilical hernia, doliocephaly plus talipes, anencephaly and fibrosing alveolitis. Again, the fetal wastage rate was not raised.51 These authors, from an oncology unit, advise delaying conception for a year after the cessation of chemotherapy. This advice differs from manufacturer's recommended `washout period' before MTX cessation and conception, which varies between 3 and 6 months.52 In order to allow for the persistence of MTX in tissues and to avoid potential chromosomal damage to the dividing follicle, a minimum delay of 6 months would seem logical.

Methotrexate and abortion
Folic acid antagonists are effective in the treatment of trophoblastic cancers in humans. As a result of this, MTX has been used as an abortifacient. A recent study showed that a single high dose of MTX (50 mg/m2) given before 8 weeks gestation causes abortion in over 95% of cases.65 It might therefore be expected that MTX exposure in pregnancy would lead to an increased abortion rate. There is some evidence for this. Out of eight cases of low-dose first-trimester MTX exposure, three cases of spontaneous abortion were reported.37 In a prospective study, there were three pregnancy losses (all first trimester) out of five cases of MTX exposure within 4 months prior to conception.40 Elsewhere in the literature, however, an increased abortion rate is not noticeable. Possible explanations for this are that: (a) early miscarriages are under-reported in this group of women, many of whom are likely to suffer from menstrual irregularities secondary to their underlying condition and treatment and (b) many of the cases of exposure will involve exposure after 8 weeks gestation.

Methotrexate and fertility
The risk of infertility appears low even after high-dose MTX. One review reports a 97% conception rate in women 1 year or more after cessation of MTX treatment.50 Oligospermia has been reported in association with MTX treatment,72 but a detailed study looking at a small number of men and women during and after high-dose MTX treatment (up to 400 g) for osteosarcoma showed no long-term effect on ovarian or testicular function.73 A further study reported 26 psoriatic males who had semen analysis before treatment and 70 days after MTX 25 mg weekly for 10 weeks. Five subjects also had testicular biopsies. There was no difference in sperm count, mobility or abnormal forms, and no abnormality was seen in the biopsies.74
On the basis of the limited data available, fertility after low-dose MTX would seem to be only marginally affected.

here's the site....apparently they did testing on this rug for 30 something total years....no offense, it doesnt seem to be something i'd want, no matter what the reason.....


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thanks so much for finding that for me. I had methotrexate in april, so i am past 4 months, so i suppose thats good. im really thinking it might be the clomid. i read that it can thin out the uterine lining, and fertilized eggs won't implant. i dont have trouble ovulating, so i am gonna stop taking it.

i NEVER wanted methotrexate. my doctor pressured me into it. i was so sick afterward. i thought i was gonna die. i always felt uneasy about it, and if i had to do it again i would have just had a d& c again.
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sorry for the bfn,  hope you get your bfp on the weekend  ~d
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i'm very sorry your dr got you to do something you didnt want to do, or "helped" make up yourmind for you  ;)

i'm sorry for the BFN....is there any possible way that you're mis-tracking your O's?since your m/c, could your dates have changed, and you're unaware of it? i'm glad you're out of the "4 months", i wasnt exactly sure, which parts would apply to you etc.....

well, maybe you'll get a "wind storm" in the next few weeks  ;)
a girl i knew in cali, was on fertility meds for nearly 2 years, and when her husband went to Iraq for 9 months, she quit taking them, to get in shape(they were really messing with her weight and appetite and appearance)...she got to the size she wanted, quit drinking(of course, this is a girl who had about 3 mixed drinks a month lol), changed her diet etc....and guess what!  not even 3 weeks after her hubby returned from the "sand box" she got a BFP!, now, they are awaiting their second son!!!  for her, it appears the drugs(partly used to help with pcos), weren't helping her get pregnant like they should have, but when she stopped them, BAM 2 bebe's back to back lol....
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see thats what im thinking! ive been pregnant 4 times with no help O. i have low progesterone, so i im gonna stay on the prometrium and my lovenox shots (for my mthfr) and see what happens.

my cycles have been 35 days long the last two months, so i have been expecting my period to come tomorrow. im hoping i am pregnant and i just tested too soon. im gonna wait till monday and see what happens.
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Clomid is supposed to help women conceive, but you're definitely right--- it does thin out cervical mucous. So I use Pre-Seed with it. But if you have no prob. ovulating then don't take it! Why doesn't he just have you on progesterone for a progestone prob?!

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I work for a Dr. who perscribes MTX (methotrexate) and ususally she tells women who are on it to  have at least 2 cycles before trying to conceive just to make sure the med is out of there system. Good luck sweetie! Hope this helped out alittle!
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i know! he said that because of my pregesterone issues, he wanted me on clomid, estrodal, and then prometrium. if i end up getting AF, i am going to call and tell them i only want to refill my premetrium. i really think that the clomid is the problem!

by the way, what is pre-seed?
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Well if you have little to no cervical mucous, Pre-Seed is a lubricant (the ONLY sperm friendly one out there) that mimmicks CM! I personally have issues with CM since my youngest was born (I never had had a prob before).
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I am sorry about your BFN...

I have no words of wisdom for the RX issues, but it sounds like Joy and Jesse have given you some really great advice!!

Good luck ttc (and ENJOY!!) and keep us posted..

Sending **babydust** your way!
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well i started spotting a brownish color this am but today is when i am due for my AF. its looks like the spotting i would have right before i would miscarry, but i dont have any cramping. my friend said it might be implantation bleeding, but who knows! so, im not gonna test today. if i still feel pregnant and i dont start bleeding, i'll take a test again.
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