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im pregnant and scared...

ok..i just found out that im 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant, i am rh negative and i didnt have a rhogam shot. i have been experiencing back pain and cramping with a milky discharge. should i be worried about another misscarriage?
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This is from another website:

As a part of the blood testing in standard prenatal care, most doctors check the woman’s blood type in order to identify women for whom Rh incompatibility is a concern. Originally, recommendations were to give the injections to women who had given birth. The recommendations then changed to include a RhoGAM shot around 28 weeks of pregnancy. Although few studies exist on using Rh immune globulin for first-trimester miscarriages, many doctors do recommend them because of a theoretical risk of sensitization after miscarriages with the idea that the potential benefits outweigh the minimal risk. The shot needs to be given within about 72 hours of the onset of the miscarriage in order to be effective.

If you did not get a RhoGAM shot, do not panic -- remember that the risk of sensitization after a miscarriage is relatively small. However, you should inform your doctor of your concern. Your doctor can order a blood test to check your Rh sensitization status. In the event that you did develop anti-Rh antibodies, treatments for Rh incompatibility do exist and your doctor will know to observe your future pregnancies closely for signs of problems so as to intervene early if needed.
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I suggest you call your doctor to find out about the shot.

Discharge and cramping are common in pregnancy.  If you expereince severe cramping and bleeding then call your doctor or head to the ER right away - those symptoms would be cause for concern.
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Im Rh Neg... and they should give you a shot soon. I stil aint had a shot yet, I didnt even have one after my MC and i should have done...
Ask your GP for the shot :)

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are you rh compromised? i mean is have you had a baby before who is rh positive?
im not sure about milky discharge, but if it becomes bloody your probably looking at another miscarriage. I have them so often i don't even consider myself truly pregnant until i get past the first trimester. give your gyn a ring and try not to stress too much or it might just induce one.
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Not necessarily. Your doctors will monitor you and should be doing blood work to check and see if you have any antibodies in your blood. If you do, they will know how to treat it and if you don't, then they'll continue to monitor it, and probably around 28 weeks give you the shot. If you ever start to bleed though, go to the ER and tell them you're Rh negative. They can give you a shot which will destroy any of the babies blood that might get into your body so you won't make the antibodies.
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