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menstrual and pregnany.

im very young. my boyfriend and had sex unprotected. on august 17.. my period started august 15 its lasts about 5 days. im not sure if he had precumed or cummed inside. if he did is there a chance i could be pregnant? please help
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so u had sex while u wer on period? well, i dont think u could get preg, just wait till u missed ur period. then take HPT. do u have regular 28 day Cycle?? BTW, just use condoms next time.
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Are you trying to get pregnant?

Any time you have sex, you risk the chance of pregnancy, especially if it was unprotected sex. Pre-ejaculation is always present when a man is aroused and it has been known to contain sperm. Though you wrote that you had sex while on your period, which lessens your chance of pregnancy, but it is still possible. There is no safe time to have unprotected sex. If your next period is late, take a home pregnancy test. It is not likely you are pregnant, so try to relax, but do use this as your learning lesson. Always use protection from start to finish. Also, you may want to get tested for STDs if you do not know for sure what your bf's status is.
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it almost impossible to get pregnant during ur period as its the result of ur uterus shedding all the linings n egg(s) from ur previous cycle.
if u know ur too young for sex then using protection is a must. make sure u are ready to handle the outcomes of that before doing it becuz trust me its NO fun once ur in it lol

Good luck!
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believe im not trying to. it just happened, i wish everybody would stop being doodoo brains about it.
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ok, first of all "doodoo brains", how old are you really?? and if you are that young then you shouldn't be having sex let alone unprotected sex, getting pregnant at a young age is very hard on your body sense it isn't ready to bare children your probably still growing, I really don't understand why "kids" your age are running around having sex when you have a clue what you are doing, you cant even spell the word for god sakes, if you are not ready to take on the responsibility that comes along with sex, for an example a Baby, then you should be smart and wait to have sex, or you will get your self into a situation that you cant get out of.
and Second of all these women took the time to answer your question, have a bit of respect and not called them "doodoo brains" but thank them
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i had an unprotected sex.however he didnt inert the whole thing in just the top part but he did come. i didnt had my periots the following month ...what should i do ? really worried
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Take a test
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thankyou .. p.s im so stressed out
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Why be stressed? Anytime you have any form of genital to genital contact or sex (and it makes NO difference how far he penetrated you, it's still sex) you risk pregnancy. If you do NOT want to be pregnant, don't do it. It's as simple as that.
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It is possible to get pregnant while on your period. It just all depends on your body and when you ovulate. It's not common, but it's not impossible.

You're just going to have to wait and take a test.
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