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Hi - new here

It appears this is not a very active group of late.  I have battled a scalp problem for 30 years, which doctors were not helpful with except for Nizoral shampoo.  But for about 1 1/2 years I have had a plaque over my ribcage that did not respond to Lotrimin cream or anything else I put on it.  At first it looked like any rash, but then it finally got thicker and redder and I realized it was psoriasis.  One of things that didn't work was hydrocortisone cream - that junk has never helped me with anything.  

I did look on line and found out people liked Psoriaflora cream, so I used that.  It was somewhat helpful, and I was pleased.  I heard people saying use petroleum jelly, so I tried that and it did help.  Then on Youtube I found somebody recommending Bragg's apple cider vinegar, so I used that on my scalp and also tried it on the plaque.  It really helped with my hair and scalp.  They also liked Dr. Bronner's baby mild soap as shampoo, followed by a rinse with Bragg's.  That was good!  But I noticed Dr. Bronner had a citrus rinse you could also use after the baby mild soap, so I ordered that.  You are supposed to dilute this product, so it is no more convenient than the apple cider vinegar, but I do like it.  I put it on my plaque on my ribcage, and it seems really helpful!  Granted, the sun finally came out and I have had a few sessions outside in the last month, but my ribcase has only had two sessions exposed to the sun.  But anyway, with all the things I tried, with the Dr. Bronner's the last of the plaque peeled off.  It is so much better than it was 6 months ago!  

I just wanted to say I did find things to help and it seems like I'm doing better than I've done in a while.  You may benefit from what helped me.  Things to try.  
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