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Is it normal my boyfriend wants to watch me xxxwith huge ****?

Should i do it for him? One of his reapeated questions is do you like that baby . or does his big **** fell good inside you. Which makes me uncomfortable. I do enjoy the act .as long as he does not ask those questions
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If your boyfriend doesn't care much about what his girlfriend likes or feels comfortable with, and is fetishistic about the size of his equipment, maybe it's time to re-think the relationship and find someone who is not so self-centered about sex.
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So, have you told him that you don't like the way he talks to you in bed? Cuz if you have, and he continues, i agree that it seems you're sexually incompatible at this time.  If it were me, i would exit the relationship and find someone that didn't make me feel uncomfortable sexually.
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So, I agree here with others.  I think we have to do what we are comfortable with.  Tell him, "ya no, I'm not saying that. It's not me to talk like that".  And if he doesn't like that you won't talk dirty or participate in everything he likes, then you may not be compatible sexually.  If you don't care and it is no big deal, then you can appease him.  If it legit makes you uncomfortable, tell him no.  It's your right.

Remember, intimacy and sex is for YOU too and not just him!
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